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Long story short here guys. I have to take the very same test (or so it would appear...) that I took 2-yrs ago when I started my job, because my job that I'm in is going and another one is being introduced (same role, more powers and sharper teeth, lol). I'm far from pleased about it (an aptitude test measures suitability for a job...I'm currentli in the job, so I'm clearly suitable...or not? lol), and to top it all off I took the practice version on the following website and it appears far harder than the last one I took. Has anybody else done one of these? Either way, it would be interesting to do any way. It's a bit long winded, but have a go and see how you get on! I was ok at the Verbal reasoning, but the Maths killed me, lol. I'm awaiting my results via email. At present I'm resting assured that this was not the real thing, lol.

Clicky! (http://www.shldirect.com/)

posted by  Cliffy

I took the first test...Still haven't gotten my results though.

posted by  chris_knows

I went through about 10 pages and still hadn't started the test...screw it. I'll take it if you can do a direct link or something though.

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posted by  giant016

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