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imsxewill: Hey
WoodElfArcher20: hi
imsxewill: your on car forums right?
WoodElfArcher20: occasionally
imsxewill: Are you aloud to post links in your sig space?
WoodElfArcher20: i don't think it really matters, but it depnds on what it's to
imsxewill: Would you let me buy a space in your sig?
WoodElfArcher20: heh
WoodElfArcher20: yeah sure
WoodElfArcher20: /eyeroll
imsxewill: Kidding?
WoodElfArcher20: yes i am
imsxewill: Well, how come, it's common
WoodElfArcher20: about as common as the next get rich quick scam i presume
imsxewill: What? lol. I would send you $20 via paypal just to put my link in your signature for a year man. It's so I get traffic and backlinks to my site
WoodElfArcher20: 1. i don't have paypal
imsxewill: oh
WoodElfArcher20: 2. cluffy would probably take it out
imsxewill: aha
WoodElfArcher20: 3. you wouldn't get tah much traffic
WoodElfArcher20: 4. if i had a paypal account i wouldn't want you raping it
imsxewill: Well, the backlinks alone would help search engine rankings
imsxewill: Raping your paypal?
imsxewill: I can tell your not real web savvy, its okay, sorry to bother you m8
WoodElfArcher20: maybe, maybe not


posted by  jedimario

I have a Paypal!! Tell him you'll do it and I'll do it, and we can split the profits 50/50/50 (gotta bribe Cliffy too) lol.

posted by  chris_knows

Let me guess, he probably owns one of the accounts who's sig just got deleted, and decided that maybe if he bribed a regular he could get away with it. I'd have done it and told the admins to delete it after I got paid:laughing: Then give his site bad ratings for spamming lol

posted by  dvdrose18

I'll write the company name on my cock for 20 bucks

posted by  GreekWarrior

why would they do that? you would be the only one to see it, unless you got a webcam, and then tu mano would be covering it anyway:laughing:

posted by  dvdrose18

Sounds like I need to create more accounts.

posted by  giant016

Yeah...Cluffy would remove it....:laughing:

I love scammers who think we were all born yesterday, lol.

posted by  Cliffy

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