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So I am using a Fujifilm Finepix s5200 right now and its got some pretty nice features but no SLR function, and all of the features in there that are good are hard to use and get to.

I am pretty much set on the Canon 400D (Rebel XTi) just because of its price/performance ratio and the wealth of lenses that Canon and outside market have to offer. Another plus is that Canon DSLR and SLR lenses are interchangable so if I ever want to shoot film its a big money saver.

Does anyone here use any other DSLR from Canon or Nikon that they can recomend. I played with the Canon XTi, the Nikon D80, Nikon D200, and I can honestly say I liked the canon the most just because of the feel and the features.

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Here is the camera I am considering l_XTi_Black_17-85mm_Lens_Kit.jpeg

posted by  newyorker

Not that I think you'll listen, but you should learn more about photography before you even think about spending hundreds of dollars on a camera that you won't be able to properly use.

posted by  jedimario

Anyone have an answer to my questions??

posted by  newyorker

You were right.

posted by  Mathew

How about a Canon 30D..

posted by  newyorker

I'm real happy with my Nikon d40x.

posted by  Bubba

The D40 is limited in lens availability, dont know if the d40x is any different..

posted by  newyorker

Right. All Nikon lenses will actually work, but it lacks the built in AF drive motor, so if you want auto-focus, the lenses have to have it built in. (I got this to replace my old SLR Nikon, none of the lenses use AF, period.)
The D80 if I remember has the AF drive.

posted by  Bubba

Right, but the D80 is also quite a bit more money. The d50 and D70 are good cameras as well, but I found a guy who had one and upgraded to a Rebel XTi, and his work is amazing. He is getting the Rebel XSi in a few weeks, and I am getting the XTi camera body and a 2 gig flash mem card for 375. Here is his work if you are curious. art.jpg eart.jpg ineHeart.jpg

posted by  newyorker

damn those pics are sweet. lol he does a better job than you:laughing: jp

posted by  DARKtEAGLE

As I've mentioned before...I bought myself a D80. I opted for the D80 over the D40 for the extra options/bells and whistles that I thought were well worth the extra few hundred dollars. I didn't see, however, purchasing the D300 for it's extra bells and whistles due to them being for a more accomplished photographer to take advantage of. After a few years of using the D80, I may want to move up to a "better" camera. The difference in price between the D80 and D40 was not much of an issue to buy the D40 instead.

You can even look at kenrockwelldotcom for more information on cameras and for his take on the issue...he suggests the D40 and it's apparently his favorite camera to take everywhere. His major point is that money should be spent on lenses and not on the camera. I would suggest browsing through his very informative website if you're that interested in D80 vs. D40 information. I'm not promoting his site, but rather where I found really good information on the subject.

Recommended Cameras by Ken Rockwell (

posted by  BavarianWheels

My opinion is that the prices of digital cameras is still dropping, so I wouldn't spend crazy money for a camera that you wouldn't need the options you wouldn't for another 5 years. In 5 years you could probably get a similar camera for 1/2 the price. As far as lenses for a film camera, how seriously are you conscidering film? unless you are an expert photograper, there is not much advantage to film. Film costs more to buy, costs more to print, isn't as convenient, is harder to work with, harder to send copies to friends, etc. A high megapixel camera can make film quality prints at a fraction of the price.:2cents:

posted by  dvdrose18

It is all about the lens :)

posted by  Headlines

Sorry new yoker but I dont think his work is all that good.

The first one seems to have had some extrem photoshop work done.
Same as in the 2nd one
3rd one is a good action shot
the 4th something just looks funny. Look at where the shadows meet in front of the tires, I cannot think of a way that shadow could be produced with the lighting and it really kills the pic for me.

posted by  Enthusiast

the first pic was done using artificial lighting
the second is HDR

he has some good work, not all though

posted by  newyorker

I have worked with quite a few cameras and by no means am good at photography, but I know location and lighting matter usualy more than the camera. Josh is a good example:

I say learn to use a camera first, even my G6 is more than a need until I learn to take better photos.

posted by  Voda48

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