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I don't think I mentioned it on here, but about 2 weeks ago (for the Easter Break) I went to D.C. to visit all the famous monuments and museums (yeah, I'm a nerd lol). The forums seem pretty dead, so here's something to talk about for the next...couple of hours.

I had a couple more pictures, but my computer reformatted the memory stick before I could get them off (they were good though, they views from the Washington Monument, the Lincoln and Jefferson Monuments and the Vietnam and Korean War Memorials).

The buildings are all low to the ground, but massive otherwise, and from the top of the Washington Monument, you could see everything.

The White House
The fence was like 500 yards from the House, so you couldn't really see anything interesting.

Washington Monument

The Capitol Building
Went for a tour inside, but we had to wait in line at like 8:00 AM for 2 hours. It was definitely worth it. Up at the top, where the entrance is, there's a guard constantly on watch with an M-16(?).

Here's the view from the capitol building

Portrait of Stephen Colbert
At the National Portrait Gallery--it was literally the busiest part of the gallery.

posted by  chris_knows

We went there on our senior class trip in '05. there were snipers hiding everywhere. you would stare at a bush for like 10 minutes before you realized there was a person in there. I will have to see if i have any pictures with them in it. It looks like it was very busy when you went.
How long were you there?

Edit: I see at least 2 snipers in this one, click for larger (

posted by  dvdrose18

Where are the snipers? I see the guy on the roof, but where's the other one? I didn't see any when I was there, but I didn't know to expect them lol. I saw a lot of cops though.

I was there for like 2 and a half days--arrived Friday afternoon and left Monday morning.

And yeah, it was busy, especially in front of the White House, there were a lot of anti-war protesters because we went like a day after the 5th anniversary of the Iraq War. Inside the White House, there was some Easter Egg roll or something, that's what all of the tents are for. It was busy everywhere, though...long weekend, go figure lol.

posted by  chris_knows

2 on the roof, one all the way to the left, and one right of center. there is another person just to the left of the fountain spray on the ground, but that might not be a sniper. There were more on the ground in bushes and stuff, but I don't think I have any pictures of them.

posted by  dvdrose18

not sure how many snipers would be standing up on the roof.....

posted by  windsonian

I was in Washington DC quite a few times, most recently being about 6 months ago. Rest assured: there are snipers and the security is crazy. There are multiple gunmen on the roofs, the fence is far from the house, and don't expect to come 500 yards...of the White House entrance.

On top of everything, you can expect many undercover officials walking around with the general population too. Things were not like this before 9/11 and there were even tours of the White House offered. Can you blame them for the change though?

posted by  Nissan_Altima

I heard you could still get tours of the White House but they search you like mad:

Prohibited Items

It also says you can only set up a tour if you have a group of 10 or more, and your member of Congress has to request that you get a tour, and you have to book up to 6 months in advance lol.

It's pretty hard to get a tour, but it's still possible.

posted by  chris_knows

I like that one, lol...The resemblance is uncanny by the way....:laughing:

Thanks for sharing, Chris! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Really? Lol I look like I'm 12 in that pic...

I managed to save the other pics:

White House from Washington Monument:

Lincoln Monument:

Jefferson Monument:

Capitol Building:

Washington Monument:

Korean War Memorial:
There was also a huge granite(?) wall with some holographic soldiers that looked really cool, but I didn't take a good pic of that.

Vietnam War Memorial:
There was a bigger wall here, this time with the names of everyone who served during the Vietnam War.

posted by  chris_knows

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