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why do dogs love to stick their head out the window so much while taking them for a ride? my dog loves it, its hilarious

any of you guys have the same thing going on with your dog?

posted by  knightrider

I guess they love it when the wind hits them on their face, they sure prefer that than been stuck in a hot car with the windows closed.

posted by  fudge

I always thought they were taking in all the new smells that were flying by. Our one dog, a Lab, loves to have her head out the window, sniffing (and drooling) like crazy. The other one, a Wheaton (see my avatar) prefers to sit rather human like in the passenger seat, on the occasion that she does stick her head out the window, she tries to bite the air, rather funny.

posted by  dvdrose18

I have a wiener dog that sticks his head out the widow when the car's going slow, but otherwise, he sticks it in. He likes the A/C vents just as much though (during the winter and summer).

As to why, haven't you ever stuck your head out the window when someone's driving? Especially on a hot day, it feels nice and you can see a lot of stuff around you.

posted by  chris_knows

Even my dog likes to stick its head outside the window.:wink2:

It also enjoys the bike ride.

I feel good to watch all such behaviors of the pets.:drool:

posted by  jjaakkyy

I think they are curious of what is happening outside.

posted by  ElvinYeo

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