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What the title says really. Basically home gets unbarably hot at this time of year, mainly due to it being like a goldfish bowl I guess (1st floor flat with large windows...). I am aware that there's no real comparison to AC, but does anybody have any experience with Air Coolers often cool the surrounding air with ice? I'm not sure I could afford an AC unit at this time of year, so was just wondering wether a cooling unit would good instead, as it would be ALOT cheaper?

Thanks in advance!

posted by  Cliffy

I'd say bear these few hot days as its not going to last long at all. And really to be honest its not even as hot as when I was caught up in a heat wave in New York a month ago - now that was hot!! Just get some fans to waff in a breeze(really hate it when no draught from outside) or buy some cooling spray from Boots which works nicely. Dunno about you but the thing I hate about air conditioning is the heat/humidity difference when you step outside as it hits you harder.

The main problem I've got right now with the windows opened is those goddamn moths flying in!!

posted by  fudge

Air Conditioning...wouldnt live a day without it.

posted by  SyntheticTrust

presumably you're talking about some sort of evap cooler?
The evaporative cooling process is unsuitable for humid climes, but in your neck of the woods maybe worthwhile.

What do you define as "unbearable"? 25 degrees? :mrgreen:

posted by  windsonian

Well it was around 30degrees this weekend, great weather to do jack shit in but not for working. When the other 360 days are rain and cool/mild weather we tend to moan when things get a bit hot. Sure some people live in places where it goes up to 50 because they get that weather very frequently so they can cope with it but put them in England for a few years and they'll become the same moany brits.

posted by  fudge

About 30 outside but inside was much worse, probably because as I said, living in a 1st floor flat all of the heat from the woman downstairs rises and the windows make the climate much more greenhouse like, lol. Also, bear in mind the kind of heat we get as apposed to what you guys get is much more sticky...I think.

Well, I got a cooler today and it seems to work ok! It's not just on warm days that my place gets hot though, it's all the time throughout summer, and in winter it's too cold, lol. Need double glazing.

posted by  Cliffy

how in the world does this "air cooler" work?

posted by  dvdrose18

You're all pansies.

End of story.

posted by  dodgerforlife

hmmmmm.... might wanna research that first Cliff.... hehehe

posted by  windsonian

It seems the one he's talking about just blows air over ice.

The swampies I'm thinking about cool the air by evaporating water into it. This process, while increasing humidity (obviously) cools the temperature of the air.

The difference between this and air-con is that air con does the opposite as far as humidity is concerned. It blows air over a cold coil of metal, which cools the air, and actually takes water out of the air as it cools. Hence you get condensation on the coil (and water dripping out the back of your old window rattler).

posted by  windsonian

You won't go outside for 9 months out of the year with just a T-shirt? Does you're clit get too cold???? Call the Waaaahhhhmbulance!:laughing:

posted by  giant016

lol actually I never wore a winter jacket at all this past winter, even when it was -30....just wore my bunnyhug. Right now we're sitting in the mid 30's, with the humidex pushing it to the 40's, and wearing nomex all day is just joyous lol

posted by  dodgerforlife

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