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This place is kinda dead so I decided to try starting some sort of thread. I'm sure most of you know about the war started in Europe. Any opinions?

posted by  Nissan_Altima

I don't claim to be an expert on politics in that part of the world, nor do I want this to be taken as fact because it is only my opinion based on what I've read from various sources over the last week.

I think this pretty much comes down to a 16 year bully beating up on your 10 year old brother knowing full well that you can't retaliate because you're 19 and will go to jail. There have always been territorial disputes in this part of the world, and I don't think Russia cares squat about South Ossetia. This is just an excuse to invade Georgia and then watch as Georgia's biggest brother, the USA, has to essentially stand by and do nothing. Then Moscow can use it as propaganda saying the backed down the US, thereby making then appear to be stronger.

But then, I might be entirely wrong.

BTW, good subject.

posted by  vwhobo

Researching it as we speak. The TV news blows. During lunch I flipped through the 5 or so news stations and got maybe 2 minutes of coverage on this, but 20 minutes of campaign shit where there wasn't really any news. BULLSHIT. I like to sit back and watch the news rather than read it online, but I suppose this is a good habbit to get into.

posted by  giant016

Just had to come back for one post in this thread.

The news really isn't covering this too much. I see it sometimes, but there's a lot of stuff about Obama's handicap (golf handicap) and who's gonna be who's running mate.

The U.S. doesn't want to send troops in right now because they're already in 2 wars, they don't really have the manpower to fight Russia. Also, the invasion is already extremely unpopular so they have no reason to go in alone. They can get the international community involved (NATO?) and the ordeal can end much smoother.

Also, I just want to point out that while the Bush Administration has made many mistakes throughout his presidency in how he handles stuff, what they're doing now is pretty impressive.

posted by  chris_knows

This thread is further proof that intelligent conversation is essentially impossible on this forum. Nice try though.

posted by  vwhobo

Agreed. Granted, I never replied so I am as much to blame as anyone else.

So...who would you (referring to all members of the forum that read this thread) support, if you were asked?

Personally, I'm from Russia and yet I don't think Russians are in the correct here. I do, however, think it's a gray area. Russians have been "instigating" in South Ossetia for years, clearly provoking the Georgians. Should the Georgians have attacked? No. However, in a Russian retaliation, their tanks went WAY past the agreed border. Then there's the theory that Georgian president, Saakashvili, brutally murdered a bunch of "his people" in that area.

I must admit the above paragraph is strongly opinion built on loosely learned facts. Counter arguments are welcome. Opinions?

posted by  Nissan_Altima

I had been planning to reply to this thread, but I was putting in a lot of hours at work, so I didn't have time to really look into understanding who hit who first, I just knew that something was going on because I overheard it from one of the resident's TV. Even to this day it doesn't really make sense to me, but then again I never understood all the rearranging of countries that has gone on over there in the past 100 years. This whole thing just reminds me of your classic school yard brawl. I hit him because he hit me because he pulled my hair because he stole my book because he took my pencil... Of course Russia is obviously much bigger and stronger, and I believe it greatly overreacted, but you can't say they were completely unprovoked either. It is still all kinda gray to me.

posted by  dvdrose18

Admittedly I don't know a ton about this, but from what I've found, Russia is being a bitch. They're a large, powerful country. When a bodybuilder gets hit by a spitball from the straw of a fourth grader, he doesn't hit him. They had the power to handle this reasonably. I have seen absolutely no reason for them to extend their borders.

posted by  giant016

Poor old Russia always has to be the bad guy, but in this one the self appointed conscience and policeman of the world got a bloody nose. It seesm as long as the US govt says it's alright to be a republic then it's OK, but when a small country (Abkhazia) votes in a national referendum (1999) the result being an overwhelming vote for independence, it doesn't count.

Abkhazia went to Russia for assistance, because the US wouldn't help. Russia showed who was boss.

posted by  Wally

See, it worked. Too many people allow the far left media to shape their view, especially when it already fits their own distorted perception of how the world should be. But that's okay. When you're the best at whatever you do, like the USA, you always have a target on your back. Remember to hate America first.

Welcome to the beginning of Communist Australia. You may have met the self appointed leader.

posted by  vwhobo

Any media regarding this conflict from the US is bound to be far left and biased. Afterall Georgia is US ally and of course they'll blindly support Georgia despite them starting shit off in Osetia. I mean how many people on this thread have stated that they don't know much about this but are reading into it?!!:banghead: :banghead:

posted by  fudge

Why does left or right have to come into it. The facts are there in my post. Why citizens think they must rally behind poor decisions of their govt.s astounds me. Soldiers do as they are told, but the general public are free to make informed decisions aren't they?

The Georgians were beating up the Abkhazians. The US govt has been fostering relations with Georgia in Russia's backyard so they could hardly help. The Russians don't want one of their former territories being part of NATO. Simple stuff that doesn't require too much nouse nor interpretation.

Insofar as communist Oz, being as our culture deplores authority and bignoteitis, I'm sure we'll put up a good fight, with copious help from our allies.

posted by  Wally

Your "culture" has essentially given up all of it's guns and have no way to put up a good fight against the government. Unlike you, I won't pretend to be an authority on other countries rights or constitution. In the US, the Second Amendment recognizes my natural right to keep and bear arms, which is also how we as a people are able to protect the rest of our rights when the government tries to usurp them. What will you Aussies do... Throw a prawn at them when they come to take you away?

BTW, the "facts" that are in your post are actually your interpretation of the facts, delivered to you by your mostly anti US news organizations. If you think you're really getting all the facts, you're sadly mistaken. But then we know that Wally is incapable of making a mistake, at least in his own mind.

posted by  vwhobo

Hitting the turps are we?:confused:

What the hell do guns and US constitution, have to do with Russia and Georgia? I'm so happy you have a "natural right" to carry a natural rifle loaded with natural bullets, to naturally mame or naturally kill someone. What I don't understand is that most of my US acquaintances seem to be naturally polite, while you seem to be unnaturally turgid when someone has contrary facts.

I should not have to keep reminding you I am never wrong. There is no need to be jealous of my superior knowledge, sparkling wit and devastating good looks, just bask in their radiance and feel better for their glow.

posted by  Wally

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