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My girlfriend made me go wth her to Fredericks to pic out a halloween costume for her halloween party and she told me I have to dress up to, so I decided to get 3 of my buddys and all do something together.

Weve got a few Ideas
Super Trooper
Top Gun
Village People

Anybody else have anygood Ideas for 4 of us?

posted by  Enthusiast

Villiage people? I'd go with anything but that. There were 4 ninja turtles:thumbs:

posted by  DBain

Team America
Office Space
Blades of Glory.....LMAO

posted by  Satty101

HEHEHE. Well, since it is about holloween ideas,HOw about a date at the cemetery?..Use the tomb as a table for the two of you and have a candle lit dinner. wahahh:thumbs:

posted by  marcuz29

Right now we are split between super trooper, anchorman, and top gun ( we all have real air force jump suits).

Other ideas weve thought of
Pac Man
Ninja turtles
Mario Kart
4 Bananas
Some beer bottles and liquor bottles
etc etc etc

We are just doing it to be retarded we arnt trying to be cool or anything.

posted by  Enthusiast

Pokemon has no need to be on that list.

posted by  Spanky2324

Super troopers would be friggin hilarious. Would you be the black man giving out mustache rides or Farva? You could be the guy who gets shot in the balls. Just get some depends and wrap em in aluminum foil and that'd be your bulletproof thong.

posted by  DBain

Id probably be the rookie.

posted by  Enthusiast

could be worse, at least he gets laid.

posted by  DBain

Nah, he gets interupted remember?

posted by  Satty101

Didn't he get locked in the back of his cruiser with the girl too though?

Anyways, maybe McDonald's characters?

Or how about ChrisKnows, VWHobo, Wally, and NYer? Everybody would get it and think it was hillarious.

Also Power Rangers.

posted by  giant016

My friend is gonna be something simple and creepy:
http://www.horror-movies.ca/albums/userpics/poster_strangers_busstop_poster .jpg

The guy character from The Strangers.

posted by  NoParkingMeters

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