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As the title says really guys! I'm on Holiday as of today for a week (8-days I think). I'm going to Spain, and it's my first time abroad really, although I've been to Austria, I don't count that as it was a school trip and we didn't go on a plane, lol (it was about 12-yrs ago, too)...I also didn't have a passport till a few weeks ago. It's also my first sort of plane trip...I've been to Jersey on a plane about 20-yrs ago but that was more of a car than a had propellors and everything! Hopefully this plane, with jet engines and fly-by-wire and stuff, wont crash, lol. Can't remember where we're going, it's Costa something (not coffee). So then, I'll speak to ya when I return, wish me luck, lol. :laughing: :thumbs:

I'll post some snaps on my return no doubt!

posted by  Cliffy

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