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Well, reality kinda struck my wife and I today. We noticed our little 1200 square foot house isn't quite big enough to house us, our son, 2 dogs, and 1 cat. Not to mention a 2 car attached garage and 2 car detached garage, and enough room in the driveway for MAYBE 1 more car. Well, I want some new toys (Dirtbike, ATV, something of that sort...)! So, we decided to look for a new place. We have a roughly 200K to 300K price range (We have about 165K saved up for just this situation). We wanted more than an acre (what we have now) bigger house, and enough room for the dogs to do whatever they do when they have tons of room. We somehow decided to look at Cheyenne Wyoming. Little more country, little more small town flair, and best of all, it's cheaper both in actual price and taxes. Here's a few of the places we were thinking of.

http://www.realtor.com/search/listingdetail.aspx?sby=1&pg=58&srcnt=845&sid= 961819708aee42cba9040e6b24c564fa&fhcnt=24&loc=Cheyenne%2cWY&usrloc=Cheyenne %2cWY&typ=1F&ml=8&fhpg=4&lid=1104399611&lsn=576

http://www.realtor.com/search/listingdetail.aspx?sby=1&pg=60&srcnt=845&sid= 961819708aee42cba9040e6b24c564fa&fhcnt=24&loc=Cheyenne%2cWY&usrloc=Cheyenne %2cWY&typ=1F&ml=8&fhpg=6&lid=1104512023&lsn=595

http://www.realtor.com/search/listingdetail.aspx?sby=1&pg=60&srcnt=845&sid= 961819708aee42cba9040e6b24c564fa&fhcnt=24&loc=Cheyenne%2cWY&usrloc=Cheyenne %2cWY&typ=1F&ml=8&fhpg=6&lid=1103857075&lsn=599

http://www.realtor.com/search/listingdetail.aspx?sby=1&pg=63&srcnt=845&sid= 961819708aee42cba9040e6b24c564fa&fhcnt=24&loc=Cheyenne%2cWY&usrloc=Cheyenne %2cWY&typ=1F&ml=8&fhpg=3&lid=1104154937&lsn=627

http://www.realtor.com/search/listingdetail.aspx?sby=2&pg=15&srcnt=674&sid= 4a375091f307422fa71519bd77ff5bb9&fhcnt=24&loc=Cheyenne%2cWY&usrloc=Cheyenne %2cWY&typ=19&ml=8&fhpg=3&lid=1099650576&lsn=149

Now, obviously, we kinda have some concerns. I haven't got the slightest idea how the hell we're going to move our cars. I could hire some kind of transport, but there's no fun in that. The drive back and forth would be more fun, but would get tiring VERY quickly. Just the usual issues with moving. SO, with that said, this is where you guys come in. No, Im not allowing you guys to help me drive the cars. Although I'm sure some would like to. lol. My wife and I know all of these homes suit our needs (And then some in a couple cases), we both like them ALL and are having a hard time deciding. NOW, ofcourse, your mission. HELP US!! lol. No seriously, which one would you choose?

posted by  Satty101

I don't like either of those, way too country for my taste.

250-300k sure buys a lot more out there than it does here though.

posted by  newyorker

I hate city life. I grew up between Chicago and Milwaukee, and I hated every minute of it. Our current house in CO springs is border line suburban. Which isn't bad, but I like to have a bit more wide open space between me and my neighbors. Especially when I'm trying to record some vocals for my band (screaming stuff mind you. I've had the cops called on me twice thinking it was domestic abuse or some shit like that) and have a little more...IDK...freedom I guess.

posted by  Satty101

Wide open space is right!! I think the Unibomber might even give those places a thought... ;)

$300k...that's almost enough to buy our detached garage...maybe I'd throw in access to the garage from the driveway if it's a solid $300k.

I love city life...I hate having to make serious plans just to go to the grocery store.

posted by  BavarianWheels

For me, the more country, the better. I like the looks of the second one, (exterior) the best, fence, etc. Nice size house, decent amount of land and plenty of garage space. I would probably go with the most property and just deal with the house and garage space. (35 ac. would be sweet) All the houses are fairly new so their condition should be good. I guess you need to decide what is most important to you and go from there. Size, looks, condition, land, garage space,location and maybe how many bedrooms. Let us know what you decide.
Bottom line is, ya gotta get the one the 'ol lady wants. :laughing:

posted by  thefonz

We've narrowed it down to house #2 and #3. Just more our needs. But...yeah. Im sick of this house. lol.

posted by  Satty101

My vote is #3

posted by  newyorker

Out of 2 and 3 I'd go for 3 personally. My opinion probably doesn't count for much though as I live accross the pond, lol....I like houses in the middle of nowhere, but on my little island that's probably not as dramatic as it would be in the US, lol. Good Luck with it! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Out of #2 and #3, #3 looks the most appealing, most functional, and most flexible, although the kitchen looks snug.

posted by  dvdrose18

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