Why won’t Joe the Dipsh…. er .. Plumber just go away?

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Did Joe the Plumber Kill Pajamas Media?

It was bad enough that this irritation on our sensibilities was the poster child of the McCain campaign. It was laughable when Pajamas Media sent him to Israel to report back on the pulse of the Average ...

posted by  BarbaraShtolce

He resolved the issue in the Middle East and now he's advising republicans on how to legislate. Can't remember exactly where, but I know somebody hired him to do it.

Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin are going to be the death of the republican party. I can't understand why people listen to either of them...

posted by  chris_knows

For the same reason people still listen to Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd, and Barney Frank.

Of course, when Joe the Plumber was found out to have a small tax liability, it was a huge scandal. When top Democratic candidates for major posts have HUGE tax liabilities, it's merely a "distraction."


posted by  ChrisV

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