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What do you think of this car?? (honest answer please) I don't think there are any in Australia or the States.

posted by  Clarky

Not too shabby... I especially like it's ass...
not the greatest color I may add...
What's that? Ford what? :?:

posted by  Unfedfat

That car is so freakin ugly, oh my god.

posted by  cobra

sorry have to agree with you there. :?

posted by  Ralli

unfortunately, i second that.......

posted by  Loophole

Ford Puma 1.7 16v Zetec SE VCT. Mine is identical to this, most of them are blue or silver so I got a colour that you don't see much, well I didn't see many red ones until I got mine. There is a racing version which is basically alot wider and faster(obviously)


posted by  Clarky

i don't think it looks to great...it reminds me a little of the zx3...but the zx3 looks alot better

posted by  Lilhuff11

sorry its the weakest link

posted by  RichG

It's not too bad....would I buy one? probably not but depends on how much.

posted by  2k3SVTCobra

Honestly, UGLY, way ugo, hate it. (Hey at least I'm being honest) 8O

posted by  JU5TIN

gay. retarted. stupid. very stupid. my vocab only goes so far so im gonna end it there ;) lol

posted by  bLen

LOL, is gayalotman a word??

posted by  JU5TIN

in this case yes lol

posted by  bLen

LOL, thought it might be.

posted by  JU5TIN

I can't see the picture because of my computer, but I happen to like Puma's, I've heard they are very fun to drive.

posted by  JDM Enthusiast

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