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That there is this guy. He's going to school and needs a part time job but since he only has evenings (after 9 on most nights) and weekends free, and nobody is hiring even if he was more available, and the guy decided to start up a website.

Basically, having no programming experience, is this feasible. Also what are the odds that this site could make at least say...$200/month? BTW I'll answer this question before it's asked: No, I have NO idea how much work is required to create a website.

Another question...how do people make money off of youtube? I know all of those internet-celebrities like sxephil and shaycarl and hotforwords pretty much make a living off of youtube but I'm not sure how that works, or how much they get paid.

Final option is to upload videos to...adult websites, but I have so far been unable to convince any girl to participate, and I feel my writing and acting skills are subpar even for porn, so let's leave that as a last resort.

Does anyone know any of this information?

posted by  chris_knows

I can not offer any advice for the porn stuff, but making money from a web site I can help you with. I am able to generate about $200-$300/year with no effort at all. So yes given enough time and motivation the amount you are looking for should be reachable.

It's not to hard to learn, mostly just trial an error. I'm busy updating my site, now but I'll some more advice later tonight.

posted by  corbett_auto

Ok here are a few tips that I feel will help:

Spend the money on a domain name --- dubdub.whatever.com----- it is only about $15 and may help with search engine placement
read up on as much SEO (search engine optimization" as your brain can absorb
get a copy of MS Frontpage and play around with it until you figure it out
figure out what subject you know a lot about and can write a ton of original content about, it can be anything from fly fishing to basket weaving
join Google ad-words and as many other affiliate sites as you can, commission junction is a good one
place the ads on your site and wait on the checks

This of course is very over simplified, but you should get the drift. The biggest key is having something on your site people will come to see. Once they are there, be sure the ads are where they can see them (but not to obtrusive). Once you get going you will figure out what works the best for you.

You will be amazed at all the affiliate stuff out there. Do some searches on it and see what you come up with. It may be easier to answer a few pointed questions than to just give you full step by steps.

posted by  corbett_auto

I honestly don't know what the f*ck to say to this Chris, only you and Greek would get this kind of entrepreneur idea.. :laughing:

posted by  99integra

Where is greek? Me and him could make an amazing site lol.

Thanks for the info corbett. I'm looking at getting a domain from godaddy for like $9/month which comes with 150 GB Space and 1,500 GB Transfer. My question is, let's say I register mydomain.com. Does it cost extra to add mydomain.com/page1?

posted by  chris_knows

No. Once you by the domain and pay for hosting (which is separate from a domain name) you can have as many pages as you have storage for. Also some hosting allows you to host multiple domains under one hosting plan. I actually have 4 domain names under one hosting package.

If you like you can PM me or email me and I can give you a few links to my site to show examples of a few things I talked about above. Because my site generates business for our company I do not fill it full of ads, just enough to make a few extra bucks here and there, but I know people are making thousands and do not sell anything.

posted by  corbett_auto

FYI, Buy.com is running a promo where you get a free godaddy domain with any purchase.

Are you sure it's only $9 a month? That seems insanely cheap. I know the cost to register a domain is $10 straight up.

posted by  giant016

10$ per year to buy a .com - it's less to register other domains (.net, .biz, .org, etcetera)

9$ a month sounds about right for that level of hosting. Hell, my company was hosting people for 6$ a month for 150mb of space and 1.5gb of data transfer.

FYI - Never buy a hosting package from ebay - you'll find most of them "disappear" in a few months, basically they sit on ebay long enough to make some excellent coin selling 30$ a year "unlimited" hosting packages, only to run off with your money.

Next to that, you can decide how you want to make the money, there's pay-for-porn-signup programs out there, or google adwords, things like that. Another option is becoming a reseller, there's lots of companies out there that do that. Hell, you don't even need a site to do that, ebay works wonders.

http://www.cecash.com/New_Cecash3/index.php > Some NSFW content, user beware.

http://www.smcorp.com/ > dropship reseller, SFW content.

Also, as corbett said, definitely read up on SEO. Be careful about it though, stuffing your metatags or content with keywords(black hat SEO/spamdexing) could end up getting your site removed from search engines, you're way better off to do what he said - write a whole mess of original content, the more the better.

Now as for creating extra "sites" without buying more domain names - it is possible, through the use of subdomains. So instead of just one site - www.whateverblahblah.com, you'd also have www.newsite.whateverblahblah.com, as well as www.chriswantsmoney.whateverblahblah.com - which means you could in essence create multiple sites, with different forms of content on them, and could link them back to each other, therefore making more impressions. Be careful doing that, too many sites doing that could be considered a "link farm" and get you axed from search engines as well. And also, some of the pay-per-click or pay-per-impression advertisers don't work for multiple domains, only on the one.

That's about all I can come up with for now, my attention is shot, as it usually seems to be these days, I can only focus on something for a short time lol

posted by  dodgerforlife

Thanks for taking the time to help me out guys. I'm just gonna read as much as I can about all that now, and I'll tell you what happens next - it'll be about a week cuz of midterms and stuff.

posted by  chris_knows

Soo...Which would get more traffic? Making videos of me yelling about stuff? (Off the top of my head laws against smoking in bars, global warming, taxes, cell phone bills, random social/current events) or making comedy videos with a couple friends?
I have a couple options here: I could either put both categories on one site. Pick one category, or buy a second domain and then just wait a couple months to see which gets more hits.
I'm leaning towards the last one or just going a whole different route with different topics.


posted by  chris_knows

All together may work... Basically you could set it up like a blog and add content everyday or so.... this would give you a lot of content that would come up under lots of search terms. Just remember that search engine can not see pictures or video only text. So be sure to have a lot of words describing what is in the pictures.

People do searches on just about every topic. The key is to find topics that will draw users that will click on ads.

posted by  corbett_auto

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