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Should What be unbanned? Discuss.

posted by  chris_knows

What was unbanned...now he's banned again.

Discuss all you want...he won't be unbanned anytime soon.

posted by  BavarianWheels

I think I have stated my point before.... but here it goes again. While I do not mind What being here, I also understand that there are others trusted with the power of controlling this forum.

On one hand I know those that do not like him could just chose to ignore What and allow him to be here. But if the Mods do not want him here and we do not like the decision we have another choice too, we can chose to join another board.

The one thing that has me take the side of the mods is his persistence. It is quit obvious that the mods do not want him here, so the only reason I can see for returning is to piss them off. As I have said I have nothing against What. I kinda like his overinflated opinion of himself, it makes me LOL. But his arrogance is his down fall.

posted by  corbett_auto


posted by  jedimario

[sarcasm]Yeah, bring What back....he's God![/saecasm] :doh:

posted by  Cliffy

Exactly. There are other forums. Why be so adamant about returning to this one? Because he wants to liven up the place? There are other nearly dead forums, with one or two members. Try those.

posted by  ChrisV

LOL @ the sarcasm code. And what makes it so funny is that most people need the distinction. :clap:

posted by  corbett_auto


the hell


posted by  newyorker

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