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So I was trying to think how to make more money, using the internet, and I was pointed in the direction of sites that have the participant do surveys for them for money. Anyway, long story short, it seems that there's no catch to this, and seems fairly simple, if a little time consumking to complete. I draw the line when they ask for bank details as that's a tad on the dodgy side IMO. From what I gather, you do some surveys (ok....alot of surverys, lol), and said company pays by cheque....Can anybody confirm or deny this as being as simple as it would have me appear?


posted by  Cliffy

I have done a few and have yet to see a check (or gift card). If any work out for you let me know. I'm sure there are some good ones, but I haven't found them.

Good luck!

posted by  corbett_auto

I did that through
They offer surveys and offers and stuff, but they'd also send emails, and you'd get like 3-20 cents for each email you read (like 5-10 emails a day). You can request payment at $30. I didn't do too many surveys, so I only got money from the emails, and it took me probably over a year to get to $30, but they did pay it. From my point of view, it feels like a waste of time, but your best bet is to check a bunch out, make sure they're legit.

EDIT: Just felt like adding that you'd get some money for signing other people up.

posted by  chris_knows

Thanks for the input guys....I signed up to a few companies, but have yet to actually receive any surveys, lol.

posted by  Cliffy

utalkback is legit, at least for use Americans. They give you a certain amount of points for each survey you take that they e-mail you, and you turn those points in. After about 10 months I had enough for a $25 Gamestop gift card, and I actually got it within a a week of cashing my points in. Took forever, but I don't mind doing these things for free anyway since people do actually use them for legit purposes.

posted by  jedimario

I have been reading online about people that make money doing online surveys. I am still thinking about that. I don't know how legitimate these companies are, but people post their checks showing the money they received. I can pretty much say that online survey is legitimate. but proceed at your own risk. If you are looking for how to make money ( online, you can be a freelancer. I prefer this one because it uses my skills.

I hope to hear back from you and your experience if you to do online surveys.

posted by  Amila001

I just heard about and
If you have a blog, you can put it up on and people can buy it. is a site where people look for freelance writers. You write an essay and if the person who wanted one chooses yours, you get between $20 and $200.

posted by  chris_knows

That sounds good, I've always felt like giving 'blogging' a go, lol.

posted by  Cliffy

I was thinking of doing a blog but I don't want to be spending too much time in front of a computer than necessary plus I'm a lousy writer. If I were to do one I would write about my time studying a motorsports degree in a college(which is what I'm doing).

But blogging is good as long as you've got something interesting to write about. Much better than doing those online surveys...

posted by  fudge

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