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NASCAR from an online stream in Infineon raceway. I don't normally watch NASCAR simply because stock car racing doesn't appeal to me but I decided to check it out tonight as they're on a road course. Someone asked a question about how these drivers were able to shift without using a clutch on road courses and the presenters were spewing out BS. They were saying how straight cut gears engage better and how they don't have to match anything together by double clutching:ticking: . (I was screaming out dogteeth engagement to my netbook).

They really do a good job in dumbing down the sport (OMFG they can heel toe, blip gas, left foot brake etc etc - oh they are so godly drivers!) which makes me glad I don't follow it. But then again I saw it was on NBC and they sure do live up to their slogan (Nothing But Crap). Why can't they have knowledgeable commentators like they do for the Grand AM and ALMS team on SPEED?

posted by  fudge

On a lighter note I just watched the pit crew challenge and was in awe in how those mechanics work those pit stops. I've got a long way to go before I can get anywhere near as good as those guys:laughing:

posted by  fudge

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