Been a bit since I posted, so here's some recent photography

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Philadelphia: Another try at the typical shot

Miata: My turd

EVO9: Fully bolted 12 second evo

Muscle: SRT-8

Yaris: Car belongs to a good friend, sitting on Baby Advan SA3R wheels

posted by  newyorker

This set has a bit of a story. There is a nest of baby rabbits in our flower bed, they are the cutest thing ever. I took some pix, couldn't catch both outside.

It started to pour so I put a bowl over the hole to keep it from flooding and killing them. Come out after the rain, sure enough both are sitting outside under the bowl so I got the camera again and got my shots.

Comments on all pix positive and negative appreciated.

posted by  newyorker

second bunny one woulda been a cracker had you been able to (a) get that stray flower out of the way and (b) get all of the frame out of focus.

not a big fan of the overexposed lights unless you can use them as a background glow (kinda halo-ish - almost got it with the evo). hard to eliminate while keeping the rest of the shot how you want it

posted by  windsonian

I think your shots are good, Lex, even if for some reason you refuse to talk to me...

The lights look a bit overexposed to me, though. The EVO is sexy...I want one bad but my pockets aren´t deep enough and I´ll be balls-broke by the time I get back anyway.

posted by  Nissan_Altima

When my dad went to move the branches out of the way, the one bunny ran back into the hole :(

As far as the lights, I need to start doing multiple exposures to use sections from an underexposed shot and stick them in instead of the glared ones.

Here's another shot (similar to the others) that I took for my friend Jacki. This is her 1990 240sx Hatch with a fully bolted Ka24de, cams, welded diff, pignose, and other goodies. Spray painted, beat up, not matching, and it's awesome.

posted by  newyorker

I don't talk to you because I don't like your "me > *" attitude and partially 2-faced personality.

As far as Evos go, you can get an 8 fairly cheap now, but if you spring for the 9 you get the updated styling, and MIVEC motor. My friend Lexi just got an EVO X GSR (standard manual FTW) that we are going to do a downpipe, hardpipe, FMIC, and other things on in about 30 minutes, while it's not pretty it's arguably the best EVO to date.

posted by  newyorker

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