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holy hell i want one


Anyway I'm buying a 9mm I was looking at either a Ruger P-Series or the Taurus PT-111

posted by  99integra

Are you serious about the bullpup?
That's sikk but besides a firing range, you don't really have any uses for it lol...

Can't really offer much advice on the 9mm's but I'm pretty sure like everyone else here besides the Brits owns a gun lol.

posted by  chris_knows

That is pretty sweet, love the clear magazine and watching the shells disappear.

I also do not own a gun and other than some of the cool weapons I carried while in the Marines can not offer much advise.

posted by  corbett_auto

I would look at the Sig Sauer pistols, if you're looking for something to carry. I have a buddy down south there that has 3....one in .45, one in 9mm, and one in .22 for his woman.

The 9mm is a a P226 Blackwater, the .45ACP is a P220 Carry(He has a CCW Permit), and the .22 is a Mosquito.

He swears by the SigArms stuff, he's never had a single misfire or jam, and I know the 9mm and the .45 have both had at least 500 rounds put through each of them.

Personally all I've ever played with was a Luger chambered for .22LR - lots of fun to play with, but wouldn't be a practical carry piece.

posted by  dodgerforlife

My grandpa has an old luger from WWII its a beautiful firing gun, a lot of kick though. The blackwater is really nice and inexpensive I'm going to look into it.

posted by  99integra

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