Hybrids Don't Save Money?

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Just read some interesting stats:

Toyota Prius drivers get 50% more traffic violations than the average driver.

Collision costs with hybrids are about 17% higher than average.--And generally more expensive to repair.

For 2006 hybrid models, insurer costs were 75% higher than average.

Also, people who own hybrids, on average, drive 25% more.

From The Car Connection (http://blogs.thecarconnection.com/marty-blog/1022235_hybrid-drivers-more-t icket-and-accident-prone)

posted by  chris_knows

What kind of traffic violations are we talking about here?

posted by  99integra

Also, the average fuel consumption isn't all that great either.

posted by  Cliffy

It just says moving violations in general. Not sure what that means.

posted by  chris_knows

For the price of a hybrid I could get a decent used car with enough money left for petrol to run for a few years. Won't lose much in depreciation as well and if I convert to LPG it'll be even cheaper and pollute less.

posted by  fudge

How much does an LPG conversion generally cost?

posted by  chris_knows

About £1,500 to £2,000 here usually...

posted by  Cliffy

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