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my ride

it's an 89 chrysler daytona shelby with a 2.2 intercooled turbo, it puts out 175hp and 200lb/ft of torque stock.

posted by  daytonashelby

sorry, I know the pics suck but I don't got a digital camera, and took the pics a little late in the day.

posted by  daytonashelby

a stereo system doesnt make a car

posted by  Arthur

Didn't say that a stereo system did make the car....just seen the wire for a system....wondered what he had in her. Excuse me...fer askin'.

posted by  Streetmachine

What kind of stereo system do you have in it??? Looks decent.


posted by  Streetmachine

OK car i suppose.

posted by  JU5TIN

yeah meh. lol

posted by  bLen

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