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What's happening everybody?

Well, I just bought a 1960 Nash metropolitan 561 Convertible.


Needs a lot of work, most of it body (and electrical) related. Previous owner was working on the brakes and it rolled into a post.

I'll probably pop around with questions here and there, and keep you all updated with progress if anybody's interested.

posted by  Bubba

It's been what, like 3 years since you last posted? Welcome back!!
So what are the plans for the Nash?
Please keep us updated, I would love to see the progress, hopefully you work more efficiently than I do!:banghead:

posted by  dvdrose18

Cool Nash! :thumbs:

Looks to be in reasonably good shape. Please keep us posted on the progress.

posted by  corbett_auto

Well, my plans were basically to get it back in full working order, starting with the brakes, moving on to ignition stuff and the fuel system. But, as the brake cylinders i need are on back order, I've gone ahead and rebuilt the carburetor, and rewired a great deal of the electrical system. I just replaced spark plugs and have started working on the distributor. So, I'll try to keep weekly updates or something going with progress shots and see how that goes. :thumbs:

posted by  Bubba

Got the engine running smoothly. It was running on two cylinders for the better part of a week before I realized that i had the spark plug cables of piston two and three reversed.

Smoking away.

Also got all the lights and turn signals working.

And finally, my brake parts arrived in the mail today! So, I got some fun ahead this weekend.

posted by  Bubba

Well, not going to be driving it this weekend. Bled the brake lines, started pressuring them a bit more, and a line burst. :banghead:

Good thing it wasn't on the road.

posted by  Bubba

Welcome back, Bubba!

Nice car! What engine is that? It looks like an old A-series Austin lump...

posted by  Cliffy

It's a B-series 1500.

Got the new brake lines installed, now just waiting for a willing assistant to help me bleed them again.:sleep:

posted by  Bubba



posted by  Bubba

Nice car, I'm liked.

posted by  Investor.j7

haha, impressive stuff. I would never find parts for something like that without some serious travelling around here.

keeping it stock forever?

posted by  nighthawk

That's the plan, if i ever get another one, I might hot-rod it.

I only wish I had the room for these: http://www.metro.nash.org/misc/classified_ads.htm (first listing)
3 cars and a Metropolitan parts goldmine. :laughing:

posted by  Bubba

Saw one of these with a 427 in it. Damn thing is scary fast, I'll take a pic this friday if its at the car show again like always.

posted by  99integra

Shined up the car and took it to a show today.

Big next to a midget.

Totally dwarfed by a GMC and a Ford.:laughing:

posted by  Bubba

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