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This is definately off topic...well sorta. Just wanted to know what type of music you guys listen to in your cars, if you have stereos that is. do you listen to rock, doof doof (dance, techno), classical ???
I actually listen to a bit of everything. I have a cd player in my car and 2 10" subs in the rear. I dont listen to classical.....but the "doof doof" music i do, and a bit of rock (including My fav band metallica). :D

posted by  Ralli

Jimmy Buffet, Bob Marley, Charlie Daniels, and all kinds of MIX cd's

posted by  RichG

i listen to punk rock, new metal(disturbed!!),and alternative rock nuthin else

posted by  skater

try some RAP, HIP HOP! u cant be rockin ur amps w/ country music

posted by  StreetRacer

AC/DC, Motorhead, Prong, just about any _heavy_ metal can be found in my CD player.


On a calmer day, you'll find Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, or even Hank Williams, Jr.

I'm screwy I know.

posted by  Viper86


posted by  KERWIN

im a metal head, six feet under, cannibal corpse, panter, disturbed, metallica, ozzy osbounre, but ull hear me palying cypress hill aswell. i cant stand techno music in cars when im at a club yer sure but not in cars. sorry but its not driving music.

posted by  HERETIC_666

I listen to Instrumental bass songs i just can't get enough of BASS

posted by  Vikas1

Currently; tool, minitry of sound (i know MoS covers alot of different artists)

I cant enjoy music as much as I used to, as I sold my GSR Lancer Turbo 4WD boom box and bought a rav4 - I swear its the granpa model :(

posted by  Method

i listen to everything, anything that i hear that sounds good...

posted by  bLen

Old stuff is great like Rock and stuff, I like rap but only white rap like Eminem, and some 50 Cent is OK.

posted by  JU5TIN

Lot of rock fans... I listen to all rap, i got a HUUUUUUUUUGE system, my dodge is hooked up, yes im white, and the black people love to look at me while im thumpin, lol

posted by  Conc3pt

well eveyone looks at me weird when I thump my death metal (Six Feet Under, Deicide, etc etc) and yes it does thump when you've got good enough stuff.

posted by  Viper86

metallica :D

posted by  camaro_man

You must be brave if you play music where every other word is n***a with your sound system turned up and you in the driver's seat looking all white. I tend to turn my system up when I'm listening to Emenem and then down to a more "conspicuous" level when I'm listening to the likes of DMX to avoid any static.

posted by  snoopewite

i listen to everything really, but it mostly narrows down to Hip Hop, and any type of club (techno, rave, house, progressive, and VOCALS) :)

posted by  JettaChiC20

Currently in my MP3 list:

All time favorites:
Kid Rock
Will Smith

Stuff I dont like:
Missy Elliott (overplayed in my small town...)
That stupid "Paved Paradise and Put in a Parking Lot" song - ugh
Any hip-hop where the artist mentions his own name over and over in the songs ("Yo yo, this is Ja-Rule...Ja-Rule is singin this...Ja-Rule....Ja-Rule in da house...yo...." - my theory: If I like your music, I will find out who you are - I really dont need to listen to an egomaniacal song about your name. BTW, Ja-Rule is the only name I could think of off the top of my head...he probably has really good music.)

posted by  Qman

http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid61/p07cd0c900a4952402a43257991f27a 09/fc31a935.jpg.thumb.jpg

I'm mostly into hip hop and r&b :D

posted by  giggles82

i have a hard time making my mind between rap and rock... its just whichever seems better for the moment

posted by  mazda6man

I can listen to almost anything but rap. Rock mostly, punk, ska, classic rock, some metal...(not a big fan of rap metal though, or new metal, but Disturbed is cool when I'm the mood for it.)

My Fav bands:
1. Sublime
2. Less Than Jake
3. Offspring
4. Green Day
5. Jimmy Buffet
6. Lynard Skynard
7. Reel Big Fish
8. Pepper
9. Benign
10. 311
11. ZZ Top
12. OLD Blink 182 stuff (Dude Ranch and earlier)
13. Jimi Hendrix
14. Long Beach Dub Allstars
15. Slightly Stoopid
16. The Ziggens
17. Dashboard Confessional
18. Something Corporate
19. Nirvana
20. Trapped
21. The Ataris
22. Jughead's Revenge
23. The Bloodhound Gang
24. ACDC
25. Deep Purple
26. Train
27. John Cougar Melloncamp
28. Mason Williams
29. Otis Redding
30. The Ramones
31. Three Doors Down
32. Van Morrison
33. Blind Melon
34. Billy Joel
35. Authority Zero
36. Chumbawumba
37. Bowling for Soup
38. Goldfinger
39. The Eagles
40. The Moody Blues
41. The Rolling Stones
42. The Who
43. Blood for Blood
44. The Steve Miller Band
45. The Wallflowers
46. Boston
47. Prodigy
48. Blues Traveller
49. Bob Marley
50. Jefferson Airplane

posted by  Widowmaker2k

call me cheesy, but i love classical. Beethoven's 5th through subs sounds amazing. i like rock also, but classical is number one on my list. Wagnerian opera, early Mozart, etc. ;)

posted by  ferrarichika

long live 80s music! yeah! lets go flock of seaguls and eddie murphy and, haha, millivanilli ...or however its spellt..., and everyone else who performed in that great era of music

i forgot about that in my last post

posted by  mazda6man

did i ill ths topic wth my 80s music? just curious... haha

posted by  mazda6man

I like 50 Cent, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Nirvana.

posted by  JDM Enthusiast

in love with THURSDAY....and very fond of bands like Taking Back Sunday...Dashboard Confessionals...... and my random love of Bob Marley. 8)

posted by  vwgurl

whats a stereo? haha :D

posted by  SuperJew

I thump some Charlotte Church in my ride...you should see all the heads I turn!!

posted by  BavarianWheels

what I listen to:
50 cent
Dr. Dre
lil john and the east side boys
3 6 Mafia
Notorious B.I.G
Busta Rymes
Junior Senior
3 Doors Down
Puddle Of Mudd
Big Tymers
Cash Money Millionares
Dennis Leary
Little Troy

....ya im white

posted by  Satty101

hmmmm well weve certainly got diversity here!

posted by  SuperJew

ya. and I didnt even mention Bone Thugs N Harmony, Do or Die, Evanesence, ICP, Nas or Nappy Roots.

posted by  Satty101

Bone Thugs N Harmony,ICP,Twisted,Blaze,ABK all of them i love them all

posted by  caffeine junky02

wow, um..i listen to all kinds of rock music, ranging from hendrix to new disturbed. i listen to punk and heavy metal, and im not a "OMG THATS MY FAV BAND EVA!" kinda person, i like different bands or im just in the mood for that one band.

posted by  stueck420

When my mom is in the car (gimme a break i'm only 15 lol) and i'm driving, i have to listen to country. but when i'm alone or w/ freinds its punk, alternative, or indie rock. None of that pop shit. and only a lil teeny incy bit of rap. 8)

posted by  ChevySuxD0ng

AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Disturbed, Def Leppard, Guns and Roses, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Pink Floyd, Metallica, Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton, and a lot of todays rock but definatelly not rap. :smoke:

posted by  99integra

I like only rock and alternative. I listen to metallica, breaking benjamin, chevelle, crossfade, audioslave, limp bizkit, velvet revolver, the exies, three days grace, sum 41, and of course the bum bum song by tom green.:laughing:

posted by  Accord_Man

I totally forgot about the bum bum song even though I used to listen to all the time :laughing:

posted by  99integra

Death Metal, Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, pretty much any kind of Metal.
Fav. Bands are
3.Rotting Christ
5.Cannibal Corpse
7.Six Feet Under
8.Old Mans Child
9.Lamb of God
10.Shadows Fall
12.Black Sabbath
13.Judas Priest
15.Dark Funeral
17.American Headcharge
18.Bleeding Through
19.As I Lay Dying
20.Metallica (first 5 albums)

posted by  FordFromHell351

I listen to a lot of different things but lately it seems to be metal or rock. I listen to Metallica, System of a Down, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Black Sabbath/Ozzy, Guns n Roses, Audioslave, Saliva, Motley Crue, Sum 41, Rob Zombie (Dragula), and a few others. As long as its not country, pop or anything else like it.

posted by  car_crazy89

i like alot of music(except for country and rap), but my favorite band is ben folds five because they play all the instruments i play. which is drums, piano, and guitar. besides that my other favorite bands are stuff like pillar, audio adrenline, supertones, and some weird bands that i don't know the name of. :rock:

posted by  enzo#2

1. Goo Goo Dolls
2. Matchbox Twenty
3. Train
4. R.E.M.
5. Aerosmith
6. Eagles
7. Sublime
8. Jay-Z
9. My Chemical Romance
10. Ludacris
11. Third Eye Blind

And some other random stuff...

posted by  moostang104314

WTF is doof doof???

posted by  google.com

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