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Has anyone ever been in the situation i experienced today? I was driving home from school and something flew into my window. It was either a bee, wasp, hornet, whatever they are called, im not sure but it was yellow and black. Im not sure what all the different kinds of those creatures are and which ones sting and which ones dont. maybe someone could educate me on this :)

Anyways, the creature flew into my window and I started feeling a little freaked out because it was on my steering wheel and i didnt want to get stung by it. I kind of panicked a little and by mistake i drove up on a curb and back off because it was freaking me out. Im lucky i didnt damage anything but I need to know of tactics on how people deal with this problem so I can avoid any damage to my car if it happens again in the future..


posted by  h3llfir3

No, I've never had that experience. I mean from the time I was about six years old until today some 40+ years later, I could easily differentiate between "a bee, wasp, hornet, whatever they are called".

It sounds to me like you should turn off your computer and go outside once in a while. Experience nature. Experience life. Take off your diaper. And start paying attention in school. You have to be at least high school age (possibly older) and can't identify a yellow and black flying creature. Please. :roll:

But I do have to thank you for adding another question/qualifier to use when doing a job interview. If an applicant is unable to name what kind of "bee, wasp, hornet, whatever they are called" I have in a jar, they're too stupid to work for me.

Oh yeah, tactics. The next time that happens, try this. Smash it with your hand, it's a freakin' bug. Moron.

posted by  vwhobo

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