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I'm thinking of starting my own little business and it would be a fun way to earn some money. What do ya'll think about it?

posted by  99integra

I'm gonna fill in the blanks and assume you mean going to people's homes and changing their oil for some cash?

as long as you can find customers and it's not illegal it sounds alright, trying to make big profit will be hard though unless you claim synthetic and buy conventional on sale for the changes :laughing:

posted by  nighthawk

I guess you would know the make/model beforehand and pick up filters as needed? Buy a few cases of several different grades of oil and use whichever that particular vehicle calls for? would rates vary based on travel distance? would you just carry some ramps and a jack and change oil in the parking lot? what happens when you strip out a drain plug, or can't get a filter off? would you replace belts and air filters as well? would you have people sign a contract with legal disclaimers, or will it be based on trust and word of mouth? Legal business or under the table cash deal?
Haven't you had run-ins with the law, what are you going to tell the cops when they find you headfirst in someone else's car?

how thoroughly have you thought it out, or was it just a little spur of the moment idea?

posted by  dvdrose18

I smoked a fatty so I had inspiration. But I'd have the person tell me all the details, I know somewhere I can get different grades of oil in bulk cheap, I'd just go buy synthetic when need be and have a plethora of oil filters which I can also pick up cheap. I'd charge 10 for the change and depending on the drive add more. I have an expunged record finally and am off probation as of the 10th of this month. I'll bust a hole in their pan with a screwdriver where they won't see it to drain it if it's fubar. =p

posted by  99integra

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