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What do you guys think about the MTX Thunderform enclosures. I was thinking about adding some extra bass to my Jeep, but I dont want the loud obnoxious type, thus a simple 10" woofer is all I want. Here is a link for the product. You guys heard anything about MTX Thunderform (

posted by  Voda48

check your link man. It didn't work for me...

posted by  Satty101

same...check this sh*t out

posted by  SuperJew

Hmm... Worked for me

Looks like it fits nicely behind the tire.

posted by  Bubba

HEy guys it works perfectly fine for me :thumbs: Check your computers out maybe

posted by  Voda48

well, i guess he fixed it. :thumbs:

posted by  SuperJew

Looks cool I guess. I'm picking up 2 12s in a box for 80 bucks and a head unit for 30 though. but, I need a job first so this gives me plenty of time on what I want to do first on my list of sterio mods. (head unit, 6X9s, 4" dash speakers, subs/box, amp, capacitor, or dynamat)

posted by  Satty101

Ya I'm with you on the job thing. Need one bad. I am thinking about scrapin the MTX thunderform for now and getting another pair of Infinity Kappas for the front. Line them with some Dynamat too!!

posted by  Voda48

Voda48, well I'm happy you decided to upgrade your audio system, and even more happy you don't want loud obnoxious bas. :thumbs:

I haven't personally heard any MTX subs, but from fellow readings and reviews there not up on ranks, and are more of "mass-marketed" subs and can't really compete with specialty brands. MTX does however win awards in sound offs. I'm sure it will add depth to your music, and the enclosure looks great (like how it fits in with the wrangler). Can't really comment on the sub.

Do they offer enclosures where you can pick your own subwoofer?

I think Infinity’s tweeters are to harsh. Unless your one of those people that like harsh tweeters, I would suggest something else. Dynamat is good, get the "peel-and-stick", much much easier to install and just as worthy from my experience.

Are you planning component speakers up front? If so I have MUCH better recommendations if you plan on hearing me jibber about. I'm somewhat a "audiophile", and simply can't go back to stereo-tv speakers in my house or paper woofers in my car. I have Paradigm speakers at home for my movies and videogames, and in my Acura I have some high-end aftermarket speakers; although, not more expensive then the mass-marketed stuff. If you, or anyone else, is interested in my recommendations just reply, otherwise I'm going to end this here since so many other times at other forums I am ignored.

To top it off I have listened to Sony Exploids, CDTs, to SI MagnamX's. I also use to be a regular visitor to a car audio forum with many knowledgeable people (including two Rockford Fosgate engineers) and have learned a bit from them. I don't know everything, but I can say do yourself a favor and stay away from BestBuy, CircutiCity, and other retail chains.

posted by  cwzilly

sounds like a good ideal to me! any improvement is good, i like pioneer sub though,(mostly becouse all the compatitions they have won, and the fact there in the record books) try the pioneer site and you might find a better speaker, also i dont like the way the box is placed, your trying to save space so its cool but you still have to mount a amp ! i like 12 '' subs. i would get one or two 12"s in a box with the amp mounted on the box and some quick connect power wires for easy removal.and most sub produce better sound if there facing the back of your ride, reason being sound travels perty far and if its bouncing back at the speacker theres conflick in quality. your probley thinking well if its facing the back theres less space till it hits the wall, but it can travel tward the front of you ride, instead of bouncing back and forth. call me nuts but books about sound waves from the early 1900s that prove my thery

posted by  donaldnjamie

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