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Hi everybody,

I'm a public relations student at the University of Calgary. My current assignment is to develop a public relations plan for the American Choppers TV show. At this point I'm doing research on the program and would appreciate it if a few of you could take some time to answer a few questions.

1. What did you like about American Choppers when you first started watching the show?

2. Has the show changed since you first started watching? If so, how?

3. Are you more interested in the process of fabricating/building the bikes or in the interactions of the shows personalities?

4. Do you think there are any improvements the show could make?

Thanks again for your time. You can post your answers or email them to me at


posted by  PRstudent

I'm on the fence here...but I'll leave it. :laughing:

posted by  BavarianWheels

this is kinda like the Pimp My Ride posting...lets leave it. see what bogus answers come up. :laughing:

posted by  SuperJew

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