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Ps2 or Xbox??? i think Xbox because of the online voice communicator is great

posted by  starfish

ps2 has a online voie thing also, SOCOM online is AWESOME

posted by  RichG


posted by  KERWIN


posted by  Vikas1

XBOX owns, everything about it :D

posted by  bLen


All I have to say is... Grand Theft Auto :twisted:

posted by  Aten

PS2.... :o :D :D

posted by  Conc3pt


posted by  Viper86

X box has HALO.

PS2's games are pretty much 5 games and a bunch of bite offs.

X box all the way.

posted by  Diablo911

Colico Vision is god of all, my dear friends

posted by  Split Mafia

PS2, less $$ for billy and more for a company that actually respects their customers

posted by  84_Jetta_GLi

Personally, both are great systems.

Whether or not you like the games it has released or not is a different story.

posted by  Suyeda

Atari 5200!!!

posted by  BavarianWheels

Atari I like that lol but seriously. Go with the PC better graphics then both and so much more you can do with both. I have halo for the PC and it is much better then the XBOX because the contorls are easier to use and you can set them up any way you want.[/quote]

posted by  theunbelivaBULL


i was just going to say PC anyone?

posted by  SuperJew

The thing is it wasn't between Xbox, Playstation 2 or PC; just XBox and Playstation 2.

posted by  Suyeda

and yet, all i was doing was agreeing with theunbelievaBULL in this:

besides r u really that nitpicky as to be a total dick? u see we know to just let it slide, because it doesnt matter.

posted by  SuperJew

um. i think ur mistaken there... i have nascar thunder2003 for gamecube and PC. and first of all the graphics CAN be better if you have a super good graphics card. i got my PC after thunder came out and it still didn't play the graphics all that well... and you have WAY more game features with a console than a PC. you can do career on a console but only a season on PC where you don't even have to pay for your damage. and you can also do the thunder plate thing on a console. the only better thing about PC with thunder '03 is online multiplayer. but you can't play multiplayer with someone else in your own house unless of course you have two PCs. but thats kinda uncommon...

posted by  ChevySuxD0ng

I have 5 pc's...

posted by  Widowmaker2k

as do i

posted by  SuperJew

are they connected by a LAN and are capable of playing Thunder '03? because it's over twice the size of the sims... i guess i'll rephrase my statement a lil. most normal people that aren't internet geeks have only one new computer. alot of people have more than one computer but usually they have only one that either works or is capable of playing a game like Nascar thunder

posted by  ChevySuxD0ng

oh if u put it that way we (as in my family) only have 3

posted by  SuperJew

thats what i figured...

posted by  ChevySuxD0ng

Yeah, we have 3 capable computers. The other 2...well aren't. (and I used to be an internet geek BTW.)

posted by  Widowmaker2k

Ummmmm...Did you play Gran Turismo 3?Now those are graphics that XBOX doesn't have.
OK so I guess that one example isn't enough.GO PLAY METAL GEAR SOLID2:SONS OF LIBERTY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best graphics I have seen on any console,best storyline,and great action and strategy.Basically best action/RPG/strategy game ever!!
A lot of people compare it with Splinter Cell.LOLOLOL.I think that that is a pathetic comparison.In Metal Gear 2 when you shoot somebody in the head they ALWAYS die.Unlike Splinter Cell.(head shot kill every 1out of 5)

posted by  vwmaniac

i would have to go with PS2 simply because the Xbox has a sheety hard to use controller!

i have a ps2 but i never use it, computer games and lanning is the best ;)

posted by  stringer001

what about like actually socializing with real people? and going out to do things not in your house? like see a movie with friends? :rolleyes:

posted by  SuperJew

what about like actually socializing with real people? and going out to do things not in your house? like see a movie with friends? - superjew

amen to that go to your bar and have a few beers or better yet go drive the vehicles that you are here chatting about with such conviction.

we have on a few occaions gone street racing or to the track and saw our time slips. drive = love

posted by  theunbelivaBULL

Atari kicks ass!!!

It's the best thing since uh... fortran

posted by  Bubba

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