I'll soon be driving a Rep. mobil ;o)

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Hey guys, just a quick announcement I'd like to share with you all. It's quite a loooong and tiresome story so I'll make it quite short. Bassically, I've been offered a job as a company rep (Or double glazing salesman if you will lol), which obviously means leaving my current job in the UK's elite security industry (or maybe not that elite lol) so that I can drive up and down the country in a nice car (which I have to buy when the money starts rolling in) selling windows, by appointment. The reason I've accepted the job is because it could quite easilly earn in a month, what I currently take home in a year...or nearly anyways (10,000sterlin'....sozzy, pound key's fubared :banghead: ). The downside to this is that I wont be here for a couple of months, because at the moment I rely on the PC at work for the Internet due to having to sell my old PC to the inlaws...dont ask lol. All going well though, I should be back in next to no time at all, my last shift is on Sunday so I'll be around till then. I'll still be popping in and out though, just not as much as now! :banghead:

Oh, and my boss aint too pleased that I gave her three days notice either...still, I've done her favours in the past (NO...not that sort of favour R34etcetc :laughing: ) and I think it's high time she returned them...all at once :hi:

Ok, that's it guys...Oh and UFF....I will be back...honest, please dont remove me from the Mod Squad :ohcrap:

Cheers for readin' guys, take care!

posted by  Cliffy

Unfortunately, the Mod status is automatically dropped if you don't log in for more than 7 consecutive days...

Good luck though...and share the wealth!

posted by  BavarianWheels

LOL..Funny man Bav...funny man :laughing:

The cheque will be in the post soon :ticking: :ohcrap: :laughing: :hi: :smoke:

posted by  Cliffy

well...good luck with your new job Cliff! :thumbs:

wait...this means you wont become a Bobby???

posted by  SuperJew

Cheers SJ, at the moment I need the money more than I need to nick drunken tramps lol, seriously though, I'll be a copper as soon as I've cleared a few debts! :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Good news Cliffy! Good luck with your new job :thumbs:

posted by  importluva

Rent-A-Cop got a real job? woah... :mrgreen:

posted by  Satty101

LOL...Yes, I'm going up in the world....I'm not sure which job i'd gain the most weight in though....this one, being sat behind a desk with the occasional walk to the tea machine, or my future job, sat behind the wheel of a car, with the occasional movement of the feet and hands, and the occasional walk to the clients front door lol.... :hi:

posted by  Cliffy

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