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Hey everyone,

I’m taking an Anthropology class at Montgomery College for my last 3 credits before I get my Associates, and we’ve got a project to do: conduct an ethnology (anthropological/cultural study) of a newly-emerged identity that did not exist 25 years ago.

I’ve decided to “study” the import sport compact racing community, for lack of a better description. There will be 2 steps to my study:

1. This initial post (see below)
2. Personal 1-on-1 or group interviews via phone, IM, or in person (if you’re local to Mont. County)

So far I’ve defined my study group as “those who share a common desire to interact (positively or negatively) based on an interest in altering for aesthetic (visual or auditory) value, or racing, imported sport-compact, non-exotic cars.”

So I’m hoping y’all will be kind enough to answer this question for this post:

How do YOU define your identity within this part of your life (ie: “car community”)?

And, subsequently, what word(s) would you prefer I use in this study to designate you all? Any ideas?

#2: I need volunteers who are willing to spend an hour with me on step 2, to let me ask you a lot of questions about how you feel regarding this pastime, what things you do together, requirements for “joining,” etc.

You won’t get any compensation for your time, other than the personal satisfaction of contributing to a study that others will read and think about.

Please respond to this post ASAP with:
1- any thoughts or input you have at all
2- PM me or post regarding your willingness/ability to schedule a time to talk with me
about this part of your life, to represent your “group”!!!!
3- and don’t forget to answer the question!


ps. If anyone who participates would like a copy of the final product, let me know sometime throughout the process and I will be more than happy to provide one. Administrators, if you're willing, please make this a sticky until 6/26/04. I'd really appreciate it so I can get the broadest amount of feedback I can.

posted by  GirlovFyre this legit, fellow mods? :ohcrap:

posted by  SuperJew

This is definitely legit, I picked a few other boards randomly and am posting the exact same thing:

so far.

Please just post a few thoughts on the question above, the more feedback I get the better I can represent the import racing community in my paper. Again, I am more than willing to email you a copy of the finished product when and if I get it done. (It's due at the end of the month, but I need replies in order to write it!)

Thanks again, just start w/ a post, and interviews can be done over IM = totally annonymous.

posted by  GirlovFyre

i say you let the girl go ahead with it mods.....sure looks legit and genuine to me.

and lisa, maybe you could let us all know when you've finished with your study and allow us all to get a finished copy of the final product :thumbs: i'd love to see it!

posted by  WeaponR

well...i guess if its for a class ill let it go. :thumbs:

posted by  SuperJew

I'll let you read it if you contribute to it!!!!!!! PLEASE, just an opinion or 2 people! :clap: again, I WOULD really appreciate it! posts or interviews, I can use both~

thankyou thankyou

posted by  GirlovFyre

Ok... wat do ya need?

posted by  StiMan

well, if you can start with the 2 questions in my first post, that would be awesome,

and for those who are willing, i've got all day saturday and sunday open for IM interviews

thanks! =)

posted by  GirlovFyre

How do YOU define your identity within this part of your life (ie: “car community”)? Well... I cant drive (legally :hi:) so I am the car nerd who insults his friend by useing their lack of car knowledge against them. That'll change in a year when I can drive (legally)

And, subsequently, what word(s) would you prefer I use in this study to designate you all? Any ideas?
1) Car Thugs (?) :smoke:
2) Super Pimps (?) :laughing:
3) Super cool folks who are just sooo dam cool (?) :mrgreen:

J/K :thumbs: :wink2:

I dunno... you are the author.... plz send it to me when you are done.


Good luck!

posted by  StiMan

any females out there who'd want to edumacate the world on their point of view??? I'm at a decided lack of female opinions here =( :banghead:

thanks Sti-Man, I appreciate your answer, I'll make an effort to "not bash you" \=) however, i've pretty much filled up my calendar w/ interviews so my weekend's pretty much shot, and i will be providing copies to those who i interview and who want one...... what they chose to do w/ it is their decision, but they're the ones I'll be sending copies to.... :oops: sorry man =(

i'm hoping to get a female or 2 for my last couple times, sorta balance it out a bit...... anyone out there interested??? ;)

thanks everyone, i appreciate the feedback!

posted by  GirlovFyre

Thats fine... good luck with your article..! :thumbs:

posted by  StiMan

why don't you ask the editors of some of the import car magazines over from the UK and i get my mags from there. you would get answers from people up the ladder in the import scene which i might say can add a bit of proffesionalism to your work as in the quality of the answers.

still, it's your work and totally your choice of how you want to conduct it. i can only give you a few tips. hope that helps!

posted by  WeaponR

Actually, I'd thought of that, and i probably would have tried it if i had a whole semester to wrok on it. the problem is I was given a total of 2 1/2 weeks to do the :cussing: paper. I'm only 3 stupid credits away from my Associates, (long story) so i took an internet class to finish that area for my degree, it's only a month long, so I'm pretty limited in my resources.

yeah, it would have been cool though..... on the flip side, I had an excellent conversation with Giovanni who apparently has a big influence in Teckademics last night, very savvy guy, quite an enlightening convo, i enjoyed it. he shined a clear light on the marketing/commercial side of the industry as well as the personal side (more what I was looking for) from his own point of view: combined, I got some extremely useful answers there, as well as from everyone I've interviewed thus far =)

Speaking of which, SlowSr20 if you're out there, I thought we had decided on 5:00 today when we IMed yesterday? what happened man? =(

posted by  GirlovFyre

i don't know nuttin about the american education system or how it works but it looks like your almost done with your task right? if not all the best.

what is an Associate any way?

posted by  WeaponR

Who is SlowSr20??

posted by  StiMan

prob. some dude. he must be SlowSr20 too. missed the appointment at 5:00 with the girl :laughing: slow coach!

posted by  WeaponR

actually i got my boards messed up, he's from another board (i've posted on at least 10, hard to keep track of them) :oops: :oops: :oops: definitely my bad......... either way, yeah he missed it, but he had an emergency, so he's off the hook with no hard feelings in the least ;)

ok i'll settle for anyone FEMININE lol females on this board at all?

posted by  GirlovFyre

only a handfull. i know, it's a depressing thought :ohcrap:

posted by  importluva

Actually, that's one of the questions i've been asking people, why the lack of females in this little world? ??

any ideas ? Any specific gender roles that may help or hinder the negative influx of girlies? ;)

posted by  GirlovFyre

That was wat I expected... we dont really care...

posted by  StiMan

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