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hey all...i'll be leaving for my summer program at an undisclosed location on sunday and ill be gone for three weeks without computer access...SO i figured i would just let y'all know so you're not in the dark about it all. have fun during my absence! :thumbs:

posted by  SuperJew

have fun... see u in 3 weeks!

posted by  Ki2AY


its goin' to be sad! im goin' to miss that avatar lol

have fun bro :thumbs:

posted by  WeaponR

Ciao man. Have fun :smoke:

posted by  Lukaz

See ya SJ! Have fun at the "summer program"!

posted by  StiMan

WHOO!!!!!! PARTAY!!!!! wait, he is gone now right?

posted by  Satty101

SJ, GONE FOR THE SUMMER? Dude your the pimp hand of CF! Guess I'm the new pimp hand. :laughing:

posted by  DodgeRida67

nope. He gave it to me.

posted by  Satty101

Peace bro.

posted by  importluva

oh yeah...just a quick thing. you all will have to fight over the pimp slap for the three weeks. :laughing:

i gotta see this...

posted by  SuperJew

See ya soon SJ.....I haven't been here much recently muself (see thread)...as for the Pimp slap, I'm sure something will be sorted lol :hi:

posted by  Cliffy

I got pimp slapped 3 times in one night when I was a noob... Memories....

posted by  StiMan

well, im back from another amazing three weeks...i was actually poking around here and saw that jzxTT stole the pimp slap...i guess ill have to correct that. well, thats all...see y'all around!

posted by  SuperJew

Welcome back, kid. It's been a lonely forum without all the usual suspects posting everywhere... especially Superjew and Cliffy. Hopefully all of our eldest members will kick it back into high gear... Bav is having to post enough for the three of you!

posted by  Patrick

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