Why do we as people feel the need to lie over the internet?

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Just noticed that someone has taken my information and vehicle pics and portrayed them in without my consent. What disgusts me even more is that he is my own 12 year old brother. I guess I just fail to realize the reasoning behind such a blasphemy. my site is feel free to browse around and notice all the time and effort I put into my car, before another theif feels the need to steal my work.



oh welll, be sure to talk to 87turboII about this one, er should i say devin.

posted by  Turbo2

Dunno what to tell you man. It happens all the time, even adults do it. Hopefully your brother learned his lesson and we can all move on.

posted by  importluva

What lesson? You act as if he sued his brother for plagerism.

posted by  DSMer

Hheheheeh lol :laughing:

posted by  Starscream13

Not to copy another's work and claim as one's own, aka, plagiarism.

posted by  importluva

Haha, thats no lesson if you ask me. Him getting his ass beat for plagerism is a lesson.

posted by  DSMer

To Brian-
Your brother wrote the following in another post:

I replied by asking what his so-called street sleeper was, seeing as he's only 12. I figured he was just claiming your car to be his again. That really bothers me. I mean, I'm not 16 yet (10 days!!!), but nor have I tried to fake that I am. There are many people at this forum who are open about not being drivers. They don't feel the need to lie. It really seems pointless and moot, because, logically speaking, at one point or another he is going to slip up and make a fool of himself worse than he already has. I'd hope that you can talk some sense into him; like DSMer mentioned, fists can be very persuasive. :cussing:

posted by  Patrick

ehhh.... whos his brother again?

posted by  Inygknok

people lie on the net because its much easier. You don't have face to face contact so you can't pick up on the obvious body language tells that give a person up who's lying to you.

posted by  phreak

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