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what a way to ruin my freakin day. I just got my windows tinted 3 days ago with the money i got for my graduation (set me back 270 bucks) and i get pulled over by a cop and he gave me a ticket because my windows were tinted too dark. Keep in mind i live in new york state and the tint laws are very strict, hell if i breathe on my window it would be illegal lol. anyways i guess my side windows only allowed 18% light to come through and the guy gave me a ticket for that. my question is do any of you know how much this ticket will cost me, even a ballpark figure would be nice to know. heres a picture of my car to show you the tint
thanks :ohcrap:

posted by  Simo

If you got a ticket for it, it's going to have an amount on the ticket. Ten points- probably would have been a good idea to check the laws about tinted windows in your state before tinting them... :clap:

posted by  Patrick

Wow New York Tint laws (http://www.tintcenter.com/laws/ny/) are strict, 70% on the side windows and anything on the rear window.

70% is lighter than almost all the window films on the market. :screwy: The only thing that probably qualifies is this new type of window film that is extremely light (70%) but still blocks 60% of heat from Huper Optik or V-Kool window film maufacturers here at this Car Tint Site (http://www.tintcenter.com), but both of these types of films are super premium, very expensive.

Good Luck... You will probably need to get the window film removed now too.

-- harrison

posted by  harrisonca

sounds same type of law in Uk. at the back it can be as dark as you like. the front well its just illegal no matter what so its a sun strip or nothing. as for the side well its stupid hardly worth tinting them cos legal tints look rubbish! :banghead:

posted by  Lukaz

I would have to say that it was money wasted! You should know the tint laws (or check them out) prior to spending your cash on tint.

I may be mistaken, but I think it is only a Fix-it ticket here in Ca. You'll have to take it to get inspected by a cop or something. There may be a fine, but it shouldn't be too much unless you're someone whose already been "in" for the same.

Bottom line...know the laws before modifying your car.

PS...it may be that the tint you put on just attracted the cops...it is kind loud and (pardon my opinion) ugly. Next time go for the dark subdued and not the shiny "look at me!" tint.

posted by  BavarianWheels

Well thats upsetting news, and a bummer you can't get your money back.
Glad i live in Canada. At least i don't think the tint laws are that .... intence.

Good luck with your window problem.

posted by  Dustin

It's the same problem over here in Germany. About Thailand I know that you could laying bricks on the windows and not one single cop would give you ticket for. :smoke:

On the other hand, what about sun glasses?? :smoke:

posted by  lutz

I actually just got my rear windows tinted 5%... My friend tinted his to limo… and I live in california.. They cops don’t really care here, atleast for north california… the legal law is that you can only have your front windows tinted up to 45% no lower than that…. But while I was at the shop, they asked if I wanted the front to be tinted to 35%, and i asked if that is legal or not, he claimed it wasnt legal, but the cops cant really tell and they dont giva damn... Many of my friends have their front windows tinted down to 35%.. I don’t think the cops really care about that.

posted by  Ki2AY

WOW what is your problem with the UK :screwy: Most of the posts ive seen of yours dis the UK in some way or another :confused:

posted by  Car Nirvana

That really sucks, I can see your windshield through the side window tint...I've seen a LOT darker down here, some even darker with OEM tint... stupid I say

posted by  TanyasMkIISupra

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