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i found this


smilie while i was hunting for some cool smilies on resource pages. it's awesome don't ya think?

P.S.: lurkers! stop lurking and post! :twisted:

posted by  Deepdish


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umh... okaaay

posted by  Deepdish

whos site is this anyway??

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thats kinda a cool smiley, but its not a smiley... its smileys that arent well, smiling

posted by  mazda6man

haha poor little smiley face left allllll alone. oh well he should just start drinkin or something like that

posted by  PodunkPunk

haha, hel be in a bar al drunk and stuff then he end up startin a fight with one of those guys cuz they wouldnt talk to him

posted by  mazda6man

that smiley represents me quite well, thank you very much :) and yes, when I'm all alone I do go to the bar and drink :) Because that way there are other people around when I'm drinking.

posted by  Viper86

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