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Hey guys and gals,

just wanted to inform you all that im leaving this forum for good. What i first saw in this forum is now missing, or appears to be missing. The hobo was a big part of that, he was what made this forum so special. Now that he's gone, there is little reason for me to hang around here any longer.

My regards.

EDIT: Postponed departure till august. Sorry if this makes me appear like an attention whore, that is not the purpose of this thread. I see that many feel the same way i do about the change in atmosphere here in CF. Anyways, thanks to everyone for the support.

posted by  importluva

going to miss you Importluva

posted by  archangle

You are 99.3% correct. Seems to be the atmosphere here NOW, can equate to a 30 yr old playing a (mind) game of marbles with a 5 yr old. :laughing: VIVA THE HOBO :clap:

posted by  lectroid

who is vwhobo anyways? (i joined these forums not so long ago so i dont know)

posted by  Inygknok

VWhobo was a Mod here that and he knew everything about cars,he was sometime a harda** but I liked him

posted by  archangle

All you have to do is review a few hundred of his post and you can easily get a grip on who the VWHOBO is. :wink2:

posted by  lectroid

dont leave import... theres not that many good people in here like you, especially when a couple people thought u would be a great mod, people like me needs u here :ohcrap:

posted by  Ki2AY


why?? just stay

posted by  WeaponR

I don't understand why leave? Is this place forcing you? I just dont get why someone would leave?

posted by  Voda48

There is very little for me to see or do here anymore. I feel it's time to move on. Also, this weekend is my b'day (July 11), ill be out of town for a while. Then it's on to college orientation, moving into dorm, and getting ready for classes...

Anyways, good luck to you all. May god bless.

posted by  importluva

The Hobo was everything to this forum. I think it would greatly help this forum out if we were told why he had to leave.

This place has turned into nothing but a bunch of idiots looking to argue with each other. I don't think I'll be posting here until I see that turning around.

posted by  DodgeRida67

IMPLODING HAS NOW BEGAN :laughing: He, the HOBO, did not have to leave. He left for his own reasons. I guess he didn't want to go down with a ship that wasn't his. :ticking:

posted by  lectroid

All we can do is guess as to what all the reasons are for his departure. One thing seems to be clear though, no one forced him to leave.

posted by  importluva

i see that people still complained and argued way before i joined.... so i dont see how the hobo not being aound makes the present arguments any different.....

posted by  Inygknok

People come and go. There will be others. I think this site is still well and kicking. It is sad to see you go, but I don't think it's necessary to say this forum is no longer active and bring everyone down as if it was abandoned.

posted by  zipper

Importluva, You've given alot to this Forum and Ifor one will be extreamly sad to see you go. I was extreamly shocked to see this thread. As you all know, I've not been here for a while due to a new job and to be honest, I cant wait to get back here...Have I really missed that much?...This place used to have so much of a good atmosphere, even after the hobo left..C'mon guys, what's going on...I're all missing uncle Cliffy...that must be it lol. Importluva, if you haven't yet gone, please reconsider. As I said before, you've given too much to CF to just leave..Oh, and I noticed it was ya B'day when I logged in..Happy Birthday mate! :thumbs:

If ya dont return, goodluck with the future, you'll be missed. :ohcrap: :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

yea, quite alot has gone on......

everyone arguing against bav being impolite (which i agree with). about his tyranny of mod powers (i dont know anything about that, so i dont care).

chrisv being a general ass to everyone and arguing a bit too much and quite in a rude manner.

i guess the fights me, dsmer, sundown, and jzxtt cause between ourselves all the time, but some people dont get its all in good fun :D (i own them so, u get the point :laughing: ).

so uncle cliffy, watcha gonna do about all of this? u gonna put ur foot down and start a time of peace? :D

posted by  Inygknok

I hate to see importluva leave. He was quite an asset to the forum. I mean, I haven't been here for that long, but I was here long enough to read a great few of the hobo's posts. I'd agree that things have seemed to fall apart a bit since his departure, but I must say. That is partly to blame on all of the animosity within the forum. Feuds that have gone on for little or no reason at all are what is bringing this forum down. Folks who are unwilling to admit that the number of posts you have means nothing. Folks who think that just because they have been here longer, or have a larger post-per-day average, then they are inherently a superior being. People who let their tenior and their experience with cars go to their head. Please, folks. Things like this are what are forcing good people like importluva to leave. I myself have considered leaving, but I'm willing to stick it out for the time being. Come on, folks. I realize that it probably doesn't make a shit bit of difference to the majority of the members here if little pee-ons like myself contemplate leaving, but still- it's the principle of the thing. :umh: Please folks. Bury the hatchet. And if you can't bring yourself to do so, then avoid whoever with whom you are unwilling to make ammends.
In any case, farewell Importluva. Thou shalt not forget thee.

posted by  Patrick

I'm gonna give it mah best shot as soon as I'm back for this space :thumbs:

posted by  Cliffy

Thanks for the support Cliffy. I suppose it is a combination of many of the members of old missing these days. SJ, you, the hobo, Satty doesn't post much anymore, lectroid, voda, and others.

But anyways, took a short trip to San Francisco, met some relatives after a long long time ( lived in SF before coming to Louisville), and am back and refreshed. I suppose i will stick around for a while till i go to college.

And thanks to everyone for the support. Its nice to know that i have made a positive impact on this community. Voda, hit me up with that Z avatar, and see if you can make one of the STi.

posted by  importluva

:confused: who said that?

posted by  importluva

S'pose it was a generalization of sorts... If I had to guess, they were probably taking a stab at making a gross generalization of peoples' sentiments. In any case, it's great to hear that you're giving the forum a second chance. I'm sure you won't regret it.

posted by  Patrick

importluva you have to be one of the forums coolest here you have given so much to the forum :( gonna miss you matey! Take care man and stay cool :smoke: :thumbs:

posted by  Lukaz

Hell yeah, Voda. That Vegetta avatar is beginning to piss me off, and it gives Importluva that feel as if hes some young pre-teen caught up in DBZ. God yes please change it...

Anywhos WELCOME BACK :thumbs:

posted by  DSMer

haha. DSMer, you have a unique way of expressing yourself. thanks for the welcome :thumbs:

posted by  importluva

i sure hope i don't leave this place anytime soon. And i did miss you all. there is nothing i can do about the past. Instead, i will change my attitude and adjust.

posted by  importluva

im sorry if i confused you lukaz, im actually making a comeback and hopefully i can stick with you all. i realized that my thinking is wrong and i am the one who needs to change. but anyways, it's nice to be back.

posted by  importluva

dude. you seriously can't just leave like that without people caring. I feel the same way as've really made yourself a part of the Forums...almost to the point where you can't leave and not be noticed.

and yeah, I haven't been active cuz ive been away for three weeks...and i doubt i'll be too active over the time gets to ya, eh?

posted by  SuperJew

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