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hey guys/gals,

been a long time since i've been on. don't have as much spare time now. i've joined another forum on the net aswell but it aint as good as CF! no fcukin way! may look good but the contents is what really matters right?

any way to the point this place seems dead! i see why importluva may want to leave cos i do too.

this place has lost its touch! we need them real car guys back. vwhobo i remember him here when i first joined. he was what you call 'the man'. till he doesn't come back this place aint goin' to be much fun or interstin'.

posted by  WeaponR

ive only been around for a few weeks but im actually starting to remember everyones nicks by now. i see that as a bad thing, cuz that just means that there is not so many people talking, which there isnt.

im just getting used to forums again these few months cuz at work i can use the pc n talk on forums n stuff when im bored, then at home there is nuthin to do during the 12am-4am time periods (im not a very good sleeper), so forums entertain me.

but yea, its too quiet around here somehow. wish i had joined before so i could notice the difference of back then. still, more people leaving isnt gonna help out at all, specially when i notice this growing trend of the hobo always being used as the main excuse. no offence guys, he may have been some kind of "car know-it-all" but anyone can be if they dedicate themselves to it and work hard for it. we can also learn from each other, i know i have learned something during these past few weeks.

in short, if we dont help around, this community will just eventually die n shut down like many other forums. this is by far one of the best forums ive seen, way better than those other ones that repeat themselves too much n just talk about "help me!! im too stupid to put gas in my car!!!" topics.

n im gona shut up cuz i still got a bit of a hangover n puking on the dog sounds so tempting right now........

posted by  Inygknok

why is it the good people leaving... it should be dodge chrisv or ***wait, no more names***.

posted by  Ki2AY

You bozo's are the biggest cause of people like vwhobo leaving. One minute you're all upset and name calling because he showed you and the rest of the forum where you were wrong. Then in the next minute you miss him.

Now, the genius quoted above, is wishing ChrisV to leave? He's one of maybe...4 left with real knowledge...and that's including the newly joined jcus...? forgot his login name...but his name is John.

It won't be long before you all push the rest of them out. The problem is no one wants to talk real car talk. Everyone is busy discussing that girlie looking Skyline vs. Viper and arguing about the engines...while none of you really are old enough to have real hair in your arm pits.

Don't try and push people away just because you disagree with their ideas, knowledge. If you like this forum, you're only making it worse.

posted by  BavarianWheels

well, i can see this is turning sour already.... we all know chirsV is one of the smart ones in here bav, but any blind man can see that he starts allot of shit..

bav, we decide to talk about whatever we want, even if it was a girly yellow 70's beatle, it is a car forum right.. is that a problem that nobody wants to talk about "real car talk" :confused: ??? forum is made out of us members, we decided what we want to talk about no matter what the case is. we have our own ideas of what "real car talk" is to us. and since when has this been an age factor? "arm pit hair, now?" :screwy: maybe some people just needs to retire since "kids" are getting on their nerves... MOVE on.

whos disagreing with anybodys knowledge? matter fact, whos pushing who out? it looks like people is leaving, rather then people being pushed out. come on bav, since when did anybody had a HOT THREAD about a single person? man u must be real special, that should be enough for u to get the idea bav, im not even going to say any-more. i think we know who makes the forum worse and who dosnt.

(bav, since ur a mod, you can remove the word "bozo")

posted by  Ki2AY

i always thought that was DSMer's job :laughing: :laughing:

anyhow, i know ive gotten into my share of arguments in this forum, but to me its all in good fun and it happens. people have disagreements with their ideas all the time, its called not being perfect.

yesterday i read a few posts from the vwhobo person himself, and apparently he himself even got into his large share of discussions and arguments with people, so i guess we r all even on this area.

as for the whole pushing out thing, i dont think i ever said i was going to miss anyone or anything. i have never had a discussion with weaponr so i dont see how i would be affecting him at all.

the whole "this vs this" arguments do get boring quite quickly, but that happens everywhere. no point in arguing over that.

ok, so sometimes we talk about the females in videos or auto shows or whatever. so wat? the female audience in this forum can talk about guys if they want to as well. wats so bad about talking about something else that interests u? hell, i even asked about a comedy central movie (which i still dont have the name of) just to talk about something else with u people, but i guess since im a "bozo" i gotta stop trying to have a nice time and just act like some 40 year old with no life and thats more aggravated than Bush. oh, and btw, about the armpit hair, ty very much but i actually wax it off cuz i like that clean feel there.

so wat if i wasnt born in the 50's or later? us young ones may not be as experienced as the older fellas, but we can sure as hell learn and let me tell u wat, i just taught a 15 year old kid thats extremely slow (he has a learning disorder) the basics of how an engine works and every single part thats of some importance and the use of every part. he even learned how to spell and pronounce "4 stroke internal combustion reciprocating engines", and thats from a kid in a public school (no offence, it should actually be a huge compliment, low class education coming on top of my friend jay's rich ass private school, and i too as well went to private school but jay is still stupid :P).

ok so back to trying to comment without getting angry..... i dont see how its the young people's fault that the older members are leaving. my favorite aunt is 47 years old and shes a blast to hang out with. my best high school friend's mom is around 44 and i love her as my 2nd mother. my dad was 56 before he passed away and all my friends loved having him around in field trips, even if he was a strict ass at times he still knew how to have a good time, and im sure as hell that most of the older members in this forum certainly dont mind having a laugh with us younger ones. they were our age once, so they should understand how it feels to be us.

so in simpler words, i really dont think its fair to be accusing a particular set of people, specially when weaponr himself said that its just generally very quiet in here lately.

posted by  Inygknok

There is no problem in discussing the girlie Skyline vs. whatever...the problem now is that we are trying to dictate what someone says or opines. ChrisV, while opinionated and certainly well knowledged, does get heated only because he sees the younger crowd just talking out their behind.

It is the same thing vwhobo did (and would still do if here) and you all "hated" him for it. Now all of a sudden you want him back because you're bored? How fickle!

It seems you're the one with the agenda all laid out already.

Instead of posting complaints and reasons why you're leaving or thinking of leaving...if you want to leave, just go. If not, hang out and play the game we play here. It's quite a successful forum the way it is.

posted by  BavarianWheels

Guys Guys, not leavin' as in leavin' and never returnin'. i'm just leavin' for the time bein' till it starts to get a little more excitin' in here again. i'll be postin' the odd posts every now and then when i have time too so it would be best if i say i won't be as active a member as i used to be. that clear things up now? :thumbs:

there's no point you guys goin' on about this now. just leave it where it is. we don't want then fights startin' up again now do we? :ohcrap:

suggest you close the thread Bav? maybe other people may want to post so be better left open but please guys! don't carry on and have go's at each other! be :smoke: :wink2:

posted by  WeaponR

I know as long as we got Bav, ChrisV, and John (don't know his log name) is around, this place's still kicking. Anyone (most) who posts is an addition to this forum.

posted by  zipper

seems like it was a problem to u here....

girly skylines ? how bout GIRLY BEEMERS :mrgreen:

posted by  Ki2AY

havent been in this forum long but i still think its cool .. maybe it was better in the past i dunno but i still think its good, bav seems to be a great mod :thumbs: im not planning on abandoning this forum.

posted by  Lukaz

No...my point was/is that most just want to "argue" who's favorite car is faster. The 'ole, "My Daddy can beat up your Daddy." playground discussions.

Just my opinion on the overall look of the car. It resembles the old 200SX now revamped 240SX...a girlie type "secretary's" car. Plus the name just doesn't yell out performance...you know what I mean? You mention Charger, and you know your talking about a big muscle type car...or something that produces a charge. You mention Viper...and you know you might get bit. You mention M5...and you know you just lost! :mrgreen:

Skyline just does not make me shudder.

What is it a nice picture? A breath-taking view?:wink2:

Just my opinion...that's all.

posted by  BavarianWheels

Lost !!! There are a hell of a lot of cars that are faster than an M5
Also the name 'M5' dosent make me 'shudder' just sounds like a main road to me, but yes Charger and Viper do sound --------> ' :evil: '

posted by  Car Nirvana

It was a play on my preference...don't get all bent out of shape... :wink2:

posted by  BavarianWheels

u know, ur right... the name does suck.. it is girly.. but man, the looks isnt girly at alll..

^FUNNY! :orglaugh:

posted by  Ki2AY

When you hang out with them, do you ignore their experience? Do you blindly argue your opinion when they prove that you are wrong? If you believe X to be true, but they have the experience and the factual proof that X is indeed false, do you tell them that they are keeping you from expressing your opinion?

or do you shut the f*ck up and learn from them?

Many here don't want to learn. They came here with preconcieved notions about the entire automotive world, even though they have little to no experience in it, and what they DO have experience in is just a tiny fraction of what's out there. AND they don't want to learn what they don't know, they just want to hold onto ignorant opinion, especially if it's an opinion meant to denigrate some area of teh automotive scene that isn't their current favorite.

THAT'S the problem with the young people here. Even after knowing that they don't have the experience, they argue with those that DO. And they want those who HAVE the experience, and can PROVE that they are wrong, to leave.

Hobo used to come down pretty hard on people for being stupid right out of the box. I criticised him for that, saying in effect, "give them a chance." I see his attitude was the right one after all. There ARE no second chances. This is the internet: the information superhighway. There is no excuse for the type of closed minded ignorance being show on this board or any general automotive board by the younger members who SHOULD be computer savvy enough to understand how to use something like Google, AND understand that when they DO post on an automotive forum, there just MIGHT be people out there who know VASTLY more than they do AND are interested enough to also be on automotive forums, AND who don't suffer fools kindly.

posted by  ChrisV

I hate to sound like a kiss-ass, but I totally agree. Too many people come to this forum with preconceived notions of different makes or models. Coming here and saying "Honda suks jus becuz" doesn't help anyone, and just makes the person look like an idiot.

posted by  abless

i have my reasons for saying honda sux,

posted by  Dewey

Ever since I've joined this forum, I've read nothing but bitching and complaining. I hear stuff like..."Why is everyone leaving?"....."Is the board dying down?"....blah blah blah....more bitching....blah blah blah..

I've yet to see a decent recent post about cars. Maybe the forum is dying down because.....

Not all of us "noobs" are useless. Stop complaining, and maybe you'd see.

I'm a 21 year graduate student with a wealth of car knowledge. And I don't bitch and complain......

I can add to the forum.

posted by  What

the problem is this, one young guy screws up n all of a sudden all of us are to be blamed. in fact, im quite sure that sometimes us young guys can even be right about something n u older guys wont accept it cuz u have so many years under ur belts.

if i ever get proven wrong, then fine, ill admit to it (except against sundown and dsmer :D). sometimes i even stick to some ideas just to piss people off, just like i do with sundown n dsmer. some people take things way too seriously and really dont know the meaning of calming down n just have a laugh. imo, a forum is a place to share information and just meet new people with whom to laugh along with.

SHARING IS CARING. atleast thats wat the juicy fruit commercials say....... but i believe in them.... i think?

anyhow, just as the younger guys can be wrong at times, so can the older guys, n thats where the bitching starts. "oh, i am far more knowledgeable because i need my potatoes to be mashed for me and fed through a tube", while the younger one goes "i know more cuz i saw 2F2F!".

so u know, its not just us that can be thick headed at times, but older guys can sometimes even be worse just cuz they r older. in fact, in one of the asian threads some guy owns a DSM n didnt even know at crankwalk was n he was older than me, dsmer, and sundown. still, we didnt bitch about it, in fact, dsmer just joked a bit about it. we all make mistakes, deal with it.

if one person makes an ass out of him/herself, then let him/her be, dont blame the whole community. u will only make urself even worse than them.

posted by  Inygknok

First off... :thumbs:

Secondly...The last half dozen words will more likely fly right over the "young'ins" heads. :wink2:

posted by  BavarianWheels

hey, go to then u'll see dead. i post a thread, 2 months later, no response :banghead: u can almost hear the wind whistling as if it's some sort of ghost town :read:
In addition, this is a forum. By defintion, it's what ppl use for help/advice on projects and such, or juss casual conversation. however the pussys who come here just to flood the place with shit like duh, Honda sux, just cuz it does really ticks ppl and i off. :cussing:

posted by  allroundcarguy2


Oh yeah BAV!!!! dont say miatas are girly cuz then u'll have ur hands full. :laughing:

Now to the point. I do say DMS rule and everything else sucks. I do not believe it though. I just say it for the pride i have of my car. People become arrogant and we do know that it isnt true but its just really good to feel proud of ur car enough to say that everyone else's sucks. We dont do it to go 'yeah my car really is better' but just to emphasize our love for our cars. The problem is that this is type. There is no tone of voice online unless implied. I could say I hate u and could mean it with the best of love but someone that didnt get it could have misinterpreted my words to mean that i really did hate someone. I have gotten into arguements with people wiser than me but not really for automotive reasons but for their lack of respect for us. Yes i am a kid but u dont see me telling any of the older smart ones here that they are talking out of their asses. I dont call bav an idiot or chrisv a stupid youngin. You have to understand that there is a complete lack of respect for anyone that doesnt have as much knowledge as you do. One thing i can say is that i dont know anything about cars, sure i know the basics but i cant compare to bav. And i respect bav, yes some of u dont like his modding but he still is a man we can all learn alot from. I did argue to the "fantastic post' thread. Cause there was no respect for Ki2AY. But u didnt get what i was trying to say and turned it into a completely different thing. I hope that after the second thread i posted u now understand what i was trying to say. Im just saying that i have mad respect for bav, chris, cingy. Yes we argue but i never look at u any less. U are great people. I want to learn from u. But just dont think were all stupid kids cause we say stupid things. Kids are allowed to act dumb and not be that way. We dont have to be serious in life yet. Just ...idunno...

posted by  VMJYogi

im with ki2ay on the whole young-ins vs old people thing. i think i have said it before, but i will say it one more time just to say something meaningfull in this post.

its true that some of the older people around here are far more experienced than all of us young ones (not all cuz im damn sure some of the older people still dont know anything, it happens). anyhow, sometimes, in this forum since i only use 3 forums and one of them isnt even about cars, and ive never seen an argument on the other one, anyhow, sometimes in this forum some of the older people really know how to pound on the younger members mainly cuz of lack of being able to listen. sometimes i wonder if those particular older members even have kids of their own or ever had younger brothers/sisters. by no means i mean any offence with these particular comments, but its the truth anyhow.

ill admit even i make a pair of buttocks (trying to keep censorship level low) out of myself, but most of the time ill actually do it in good fun (like my war vs dsmer and sundown). still, the adults should every now and then take a moment to sit down, and think, "how was i when i was THEIR age?". its not fair that we get yelled at and sometimes quite harshly pounded on like pond scum boy and that those that do it dont realize that they are lowering themselves to an even lower level. its like a sudden rush of hostility over nuthin at all.

posted by  Inygknok

You don't even know the truth, and that's the problem. You THINK you know, but you don't have the experience to know. Yes, I have an 11 year old stepson, and I was the oldest of three kids growing up (which made me not only in charge of the other two, but to blame if either of them did something wrong...).

There are things I see in my stepson and his friends that didn't exist in most kids when I was growing up: a self centeredness, a hatred of everthing that isn't their favorite, and a sense of entitlement that is extreme. He's gotten grounded for acting on those beliefs, or for making those type of comments. He decided one day that he hated English people because they talked different! Where does that crap come from? He has since changed his tune, and has an English pen pal, but what I see in him I see in a lot of people here: Minds are made up, and opinions are carved in stone, but the facts those opinions are based on are completely, demonstrably incorrect.

And he's a nearly straight A student in a "gifted and talented" program at a magnet school. He's not stupid, and neither are the people that I see here. They merely have decided that holding opinions is a right, and there is no need to make sure they know what they are talking about. And forming an opinion on hating something is a GOOD thing to them. This is a new development.

We were NOT like you are. We did NOT go around on international message boards and act like we could say any damn thing we please. if we were there where people who had experience in teh feild we were interested in were at, we asked questions, and learned from them. We did NOT go in acting like we knew everything, and get all whiny when we were told we were wrong. We didn't HAVE these anonymous forums to be little brats on, and to be honest, we wouldn't have acted like you do on them, as we had something you people have yet to learn: respect for others. And it ins't something you just automatically give: it's something earned. people with more experience have earned it. YOU haven't. And when you act like you do, you LOSE what little chance at respect you might have.

Respect is not a two way street. i can respect the opinions of someone more experienced than I (like, say, Smokey Yunick) and that person doesn't even have to know I exist. There are people on some of the automotive boards I've been on whom I respect, and who have said maybe two sentences to me.

You think that you are being treated like you are for no reason. For, as you say, "nuthin at all." That's the childish "what did *I* do" response after you've been caught doing something you shouldn't. And unfortunately, these days it can't be explained to you, because you don't want to understand it, or you'd rather complain that it's your right to BE disrespectful, and that, in fact, being disrespectful is the primary goal.

posted by  ChrisV

Sorry, but hating on everything but yor favorite is NOT a good thing, nor should it be something that is allowed. It's ignorant in the extreme. It's caveman mentality, not a goal that intelligent people should strive for. prid in what you have or what you do has NO need to be displayed as hatred for everything else. Only an idiot would think so.

Do you know what my favorite cars are? Do you EVER read anything from me putting down the cars that aren't my favorites? Do I need to hate the cars that aren't my favorite in order to "show pride" for the cars that are? And lastly, why do you have THAT much pride in your car? You didn't build it. It's a mass produced mechanical device built by someone else, that you merely BOUGHT. How can you have so much pride in that that you need to insult everything else? How does that prove you have pride in your car?

You're not on the playground. You want to act like you are on the playgrond, and not be serious, STAY on the playground. You've made the choice to interact with the rest of the world by coming on a message baord like this. You need to ACT like a productive member of society in order to be treated like one by the people you meet.

posted by  ChrisV

Ok, to prove to everyone here why saying somthing like that is ridiculous (or to prove that it isn't ridiculous to hate something like this), show us what these intelligent, well thought out, and highly applicable reasons are, to say all Hondas suck.

Just saying "I have my reasons" isn't a worthwhile post.

posted by  ChrisV

Okay, I'm going to clearly say what your problem is ChrisV. You keep saying that we "hate" things and go on to compare us. First mistake is one mistake that you keep doing over and over again, and it's putting words in our mouths. I only hate one thing in this whole world, and it's a nationality which I won't mention because it will cause a big riot, and it's because of some personal life experiences I had.

Also, typed out words don't have any emotions unless otherwise implied (someone said those exact same words elsewhere, don't remember who but I'm quoting whoever it is because I strongly agree).

The problem you have is that you just seem to enjoy saying that we like to assume, and if there is one thing that I learned from my last history teacher, it's this:

Never ASSUME, for you will only be making an ASS out of U and ME.

You could learn something from that, mainly since she is only even 24. The only thing I have ever seen you say is this "kids hate hate hate hate". Geez..... get over it. You are the only user in here that I have seen get angry so easily, it's as if you were some walking time bomb with a 1 second lifespan. If your stepson seems to hate something for no reason, then that's HIM, not US. I get accused of hating the world alot but those that know me understand that it's just my sense of humor, I care too much for my friends to want to blow it up (I think, but I still want to rule the universe).

How bout you by the way? Don't YOU act childish? Putting words in our mouths is one thing young people do (this is something coming from someone that has to take care of alot of young cousins), so is saying the word "hate" alot, comparisons (although those mostly come from the girls I date), and it keeps going on.

If one of us makes an ass out of ourself, then blame that one, not the whole group. I know that you will say "then why do you hate an entire nationality?". Simple, I have never ever ever had a good experience with a single one of them, and I'll leave it at that in a respectfull way just to also give some respect to the forums and their users.

Also, about wat VMJYogi said, it's called HAVING A SENSE OF HUMOR ChrisV. Just like I say that Supras rule and DSMer should cook my dinner with his crankwalk, I still fully understand that DSM's are great cars, specially for their ability to be cheaply modified and still run great times and have really nice handling (atleast as far as AWD handling goes), but still, it's nice to joke about things every now and then.

Today's youth is different and I'll explain why. My father always told me how his dad was really strict and how he will get beat up on a daily basis because he was just like me, he would fool around all day long and try to have a good time, and in the days long before mine, everything was so much more strict in the households. Today's parents, atleast most, have seen how things shouldn't be like that, how girls can date at a young age (even though some shouldn't), how kids should actually be allowed to enjoy life a bit more without getting spanked by a ruler all the time, etc. You come from an era where it worked like that, I know because my dad even lived in New York and Chicage for a while and saw this, and it was the very same thing in Puerto Rico back then. Still, he put some rules for me, but he noticed how times had changed and how he should be fair enough to atleast allow me to learn from my own mistakes without leaving me without dinner. This is something you will have to understand. Nowadays, we can make fun of our teachers and not get cursed to Hell by the local church pastor. In fact, most teachers will even just laugh and pick on us back (I had the honors of having great teachers like that, and I thank them for always giving me a helping hand when I needed it).

This whole "kids are rotten" thing is just something you just don't want to understand because you don't realize that things have changed, and it's seriously starting to piss me off a bit (that's odd). Your last post lead me to compare you to my dad and my more strict uncles just to do a comparison just as you did with your stepson. My dad may not be around, but I clearly remember him. You and my uncles and my dad are pretty much the same story, you could never really take a joke from someone alot younger that well. In fact, one of my uncles goes berzerk all the time (kind of like you), and he's the youngest of 5. I pretty much still understand why you act like that, mainly because I see that you are a bit like my uncle (not my dad, because he still had a very cheerfull personality). My uncle only works all day long, doesn't even smile much, and he's angry almost all of the time except when he gets to eat some cake. I have been paying close attention to all of the older users in this forums just to see if I'm wrong, and I'm not. Still, those such as Cliffy, Bav, John (for the sake of forgetting his username), and the rest (my bad), may get a bit serious at times, others get pissed off sometimes, but I still see them lighten up a bit, and I don't get why you can't do the same thing. I am guessing it's this, this is who YOU are, and YOU have decided to be just like that, taking everything dead serious, but if that's the case, then you should listen to your own advice and give the same respect to the rest, because WE have decided to be like THIS, open minded and enjoy life because we like it, we like to laugh and be happy (Sharing is caring, people).

So, I guess it's up to you to decide, either just learn to smile and accept reality, or just completely ignore us, because I am very damn sure that none of us will ever change. "What" will keep being his usual anal butthole self and keep lying about everything, Yogi will every now and then say something dumb, DSMer will just never stop loving DSM's, I'll never stop drooling over Supras, sundown will keep spending day after day watching videos, jzxtt will never learn not to sell awesome cars (I still hope he does though), ki2ay.... just let him get older okay? and the list goes on.

So how about you stop this "kids hate the world" crap and just admit that you just have a problem accepting things from younger people because your age factor really boosts your ego? Okay, you are more experienced than us, WE GET IT!!! But that doesn't mean you are wiser and more mature than us, just take a look at your temper and your attitude and how you compare us and judge us all at once, that's just a little hint for you.

PS: Yes, I finally got aggravated by this very stupid argument. My glucose levels finally got out of balance and that's what pretty much drives me to start getting angry. I directed this mostly towards ChrisV, but the whole post goes to every single user in this forum. The whole kids vs old people thing has got to stop, it's insanely STUPID.

Let me spell that out for those of you who are narrow minded or just lack brains.

S T U P I D, it's that word some of you spell as STOOPID.

So now I'll just sit back and watch ChrisV complain about him being older and wiser and better or post another one of the pond scum things.

posted by  Inygknok

Why are you "assuming" that I'm lying? I've shown you all proof of everything.

If you put my "personal" life aside, I think I add knowledge about cars. My "car" post are informative.

Enough with this arguing.

A wise man once said:

posted by  What

The real problem is one which totally eludes most of the young folk here.

And it is this. Real wisdom is in the small details. Does anyone remember kindergarten class? Or has anyone ever heard of the saying, "Stop. Look. Listen."?? There is real honest wisdom in those three words. They have within in them an awareness. Most of today's teenagers don't have a clue about stopping. They are in a society of 'go, go, go' and think later. A society that promotes action rather than thinking.

ChrisV is only trying to get you all to think instead of just shoot off at the mouth the first thing you think of.

Because today's parent is allowing their kids to be disrespectful, there are more dying in situations that one wouldn't have dreamed about even 20 years ago. Sure there were the few examples of the extreme, but they were few and far between. Today, we are seeing countless examples of teens taking matters into their own hands because they "think" it is their right to voice and act on their own, yet unsubstanciated, opinion. Years ago, fights occured after school with one or both ending up with black eyes and bruised egos. Today, it all ends in a quick and easy pull of the trigger. No one (as I was taught in Kindergarten) Stops, looks, and listens anymore. The scenario goes like this:

1. Argument or words are exchanged
2. BAM!
3. The shooter says, "...and that's my opinion!"
4. One more off to the morgue.

What have we learned here? We learned that it is better to rid ourselves of the problem rather than to work the problem out.

That is today's teen mentality. That is what (in his own way) ChrisV is combatting.

So blind and deaf is today's teen that all they [teens] see is an adult not allowing them to voice their opinion how they see fit.

"Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance." ~Confucius

To grasp even some of the wisdom in this statement is to better understand the ChrisV's of the world.

There's another saying that goes something like:

"It is better to be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt."

A few tidbits for you all to ponder.

posted by  BavarianWheels

My point made so eloquently...thanks What.

posted by  BavarianWheels

if anything, my dad always forced me to shut my mouth before i ever replied to him on anything. it wasnt until he thought i had something actually smart to reply with that he wouldnt let me talk.

also, i dont think anyone here would go on shooting the rest just for a point not taken (atleast im hoping so). i dont even own a gun, thats a lesson i learned the hard way.

in some cases, kids end up shooting each other, on others, thats not the case. thing is, u cant go around comparing ALL of the teenagers and say they will ALL end up the same way. its sometimes even the usual case that the big bad bullies just pick on the little nerds and the nerds get angry and go around killing the bullies. in fact, look at today's terrorists. they are old enough to make any rational generalizations, but they still just piss Bush off and get him going and trying to blow up the world.

the point im trying to make is, not all young people are the same. some of us sometimes do things out of pure sense of humor (i have said enough examples so i wont repeat myself), and others are just too thick to accept things, but this goes for adults too. so far i have seen all the younger members accept this fact, but not a single adult has accepted it, so im gonna sit here and keep waiting to see who will be the first one to even bother admit that u adults have been boasting your egos with "im older, therefore wiser, therefore, i have every right to pound on your ass whenever u do anything even if it was just enjoying your youth".

thing is, adults hate getting proved wrong by younger people, and thats just an example of ego problems, and we can see that in here.

posted by  Inygknok

First off...take a good look at What's last post in this thread...and tell me what I said was off the mark.

Problem: You haven't "proved" anything. You've just given yourself and your upbringing as an example. One example, while I didn't think was all that convincing for your "side", is hardly proof.

I have no ego, by the way. My wife removed all evidence of an ego some years back. It is but a fantasy you have for now.

posted by  BavarianWheels

since when do we even listen to "What"? i didnt even bring just my own upbringing, just read wat i said about how people were brought up in years past. people who were raised with the "old day's" style expect everyone to obey them and follow their rules straight down to the dot, cuz thats how they were taught, while nowadays, things are more liberal at a greater percentage.

btw, i know quite alot of married men that dont let their wives take down their egos, my boss is one of those really really really lively ego-powered men, and hes around 54 (maybe younger, but his suit makes him look older).

oh one thing, if my own personal upbringing is hardly any proof, then how about the whole idea behind young kids killing each other? how bout the adults that commit rape and homicides? old drunks crashing? our fabolous leaders? i dont see them as young people.... they are actually old "mature" adults.

thing is, u adults can act just as low as us, sometimes even lower. we are ignorant cuz we havent lived long enough yet, on the other hand, i dont know why u older more "mature" people act like us since u ARE supposed to be alot wiser and still manage to screw up in even bigger ways that we could ever possibly even dream of.

for every child that gets raised hating the world, ask his/her parents wat kind of influence they had. just have a look at the poor geeks that get brought up just fine in a world of innocence and end up killing other kids who were brought up being tough. see? it has even been scientifically tested that many kids even imitate wat they see older people doing, cuz thats who we look up to, our elders, our idols, our heros, but we still have a choice. on the other hand, most of u older people have already made up your minds LONG ago, and wont change for anything, wether it means living a life without a single damn smile, or making the best of it and trying your best at giving the youth something worthwhile instead of just complaints.

btw, racism is most of the time spread to the younger public by ways of actions and words of the older citizens, and i think thats something even you older guys know and fully understand.

posted by  Inygknok


posted by  SuperJew

When you all start talking about cars, I'll show my knowledge and "wisdom". But as long as you all continue to talk about bullsh*t that has nothing to do with cars....on a CAR forum....I'll throw in my random slaps.

Here goes two: *slap* *slap*

If you are upset that I am slapping, then one of those slaps belong to you.

posted by  What

*sits back*
*joins SJ with the popcorn*

care to share?

(i feel a LOCK comming to close this thread.)

posted by  Ki2AY

so do i, infact Bav. jus' close it!! enough of this what guys nonsense!!

posted by  WeaponR

...as requested...

posted by  BavarianWheels

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