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Sorry for such an uneccessary thread, but I felt I must proclaim it to the world: I HAVE FINALLY RECEIVED MY PERMIT!!! I am quite stoked about it. My dad is getting in from a business trip today and is taking me driving. Can't wait. I'm sure most of you have had your license for a good bit of time now, but I'm sure all long-time enthusiasts remember how excited one feels when receiving their permit. Unfortunately, I doubt my parents will let me take on the stick-shift for many a few months, until I master the automatic. :banghead: Oh well. What's a kid to do? I'm counting down the days until I can get my license: 5 months, 30 days. We're almost there, kids. :clap: :mrgreen:

posted by  Patrick

i remember the first convo i had with my mother when i got my license......

me: i got my license...
her: omg!!! ur so big now!!
me: ..... no shit sherlock, im almost 6 feet tall. (i was 16 then)
her: arent u ever happy about anything?
me: not with your cooking.....

then i just took her car out to buy pizza cuz the phone was down that day.... everyone in class was all worked up when they heard i got my license.... as usual i just told them to drop dead and let me sleep through history class.

posted by  Inygknok

:clap: :clap:

BTW stick-shift's are easy to drive. The first car I drove was a stick-shift, the good old Saab 96 just like this one v
http://w1.225.telia.com/~u22503521/bilder/v41.jpg :thumbs:

posted by  Car Nirvana

Congrats! :thumbs:

posted by  BavarianWheels

Hey way to go. I rememeber when I was your age.........

posted by  Voda48

Good job, dude. Now wait until you get your license, it even funner.

posted by  Coffin Type R

Yeah but dont end up like me. Im 16 and my license is already getting suspended.

posted by  VMJYogi

What for? I suppose I could assume from your signature that it is from street racing, of course it could also be a speeding ticket of 20 or more over, or reckless driving. I've always been quite intrigued by street racing. It used to be my dream to be a street racer. I suppose it still is to a certain extent.

posted by  Patrick

you really don't wanna end up like 2 of my friends. accidents within 3 months of having their licenses. They both blamed it on little yellow cars too. heh, odd. Considering one hit a tree which was his own fault for driving a RWD 5.0 V8 station wagon too fast around a turn, and the other one for not yeilding the right of way to a white 97+ Grand Am. They seem content of blaming it on yellow cars though. :screwy:

posted by  Satty101

Trust me, 5 months are nuthin' :smoke:

for that remaining time, load up a champ cars video game :wink2:

posted by  lutz

UPDATE!!!! Welp, today was my first day out on the road. My dad was uhhh... awfully faithful in how well I'd do, so he stuck me on the highway for my first time; 'twas a tad intimidating, but I handled it like a champ. Unfortunately, the 'rents think I need to master the art of the auto before I tackle the teal of steel and it's stickshift. I think I totalled over an hour of driving. I got to take mom's car out- 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser. :puke: I was pleasantly surprised, however. The car actually drives quite nicely, and was great for learning, since it's so small. I dread the first time I take a spin in my dad's 2003 Chrysler Concorde. I mean, the car is actually longer than a Dodge Grand Caravan. I don't want to drive it; s'pose I'll have to get over that as well.

I was proud- I was able to practice more parts of driving than I had expected; U-turn, turnabout (that 'bout shot my nerves :ohcrap: ) passing byciclists on the highway, speed bumps, scraping the car on fallen tree branches, turning left uphill on a four lane road in oncoming traffic, you know. All the things we've fantasized about all these years. I think the thing I don't like the most is the driveway. Backing out of the garage makes me nervous, seeing as we have the '93 Accord parked about 6 inches from the entrance of the garage, and you have to back up out of the garage and around the accord, avoid the retaining wall on your right, and stop short of my brother's Maxima directly behind, then proceed out of the driveway. Aigh.

Sorry for droning on, but I felt like talking, so yall are my ears. When leaving the car after my first hour, I realized that my right leg was in one hells of a discomfort. My knee hurt, and my ankle hurt as well. :ticking: Is this normal protocol when learning to drive? I mean, I figured that it may be my mom's car. Being just shy of 6' 2", I had to slide the driver's seat ALL the way back, and my thigh still rubbed on the steering wheel. Unfortunately, there's not really a height adjusment on the seat- the angle of the backrest and moving the seat back and foreward is all. The discomfort is all but forgotten now, and my leg has thankfully returned to its status quo. I figured that it may be that I'm not used to keeping a bent leg for periods of time. Of course, all of this was rather disconcerning, since I thought that if in fact it was the fact that the car was so small, I'm going to have a hells of a lot of trouble driving a small coupe...! :evil: I'm hoping there's a few tall folk out there who may have experienced this, or can tell me that I won't have trouble driving a small car. Well, I'd have to say that it's safe to assume I've occupied enough of your time. I'll report back soon with more info as my quest towards the driver's license forges on. :wink2:

posted by  Patrick

It sounds a little strange, but as a old school driver discomfort is also normal when changing cars. In every car you will need some days to find the right adjustment, even when you're more relaxed those lil probs would disappearing.

I'm 6'4" and still having problems to rest the right knee in a C class Benz i.e.

posted by  lutz

Congrats Pat! You'll have your license in no time. :thumbs:

posted by  importluva

august 20-29: 18 over. 43 in a 25. 11:56pm. almost got curfew.
april 01-30: 39 over. 94 in a 55.
may 01-31: traffic school
june 20-29: 25 over. 80 in a 55.

My car is completely stock. Im buying a engine for 3,400 so ive kinda been saving and i cant get intakes or anything cuz they wont match the engine. So nope i havent been racing. but when i get that engine....

Oh yeah im 6'4" and you see my car. Its just probably how u were resting ur foot on the pedal. My first times driving long distances my leg got tired too.

posted by  VMJYogi

Congratulations on your first drive. I got my permit at nearly twice your age (assuming you are in the 15 to 16 year old range) and I remember my first lesson. It was amazing. My sister took me driving in her Tahoe truck. That was really intimidating. But yes as large as the truck is I did feel a little discomfort in my leg. As I drove more the discomfort is no longer there unless I drive for very long periods of time and I think that is because I am just getting older. :laughing: Anyway I didn't want to stop driving with my first lesson because it was so awesome (imagine I was afraid to drive :banghead: ) Anyway good luck on your quest for the license!!!! :clap:

posted by  vniles100

I Remeber my first time driving..i was 12 and in the 7th grade(i think) I was at my friends house and his dad had a 1993 Blue Jeep which was stick shift.

We went out driving on the roads going 65..at age 12! :clap:
Anyways im still alive now im 16 and can legally drive :P lol

Good luck on getting your liscense

posted by  Eclipse_2004

I like the car in your signature... Not so sound skeptical, but I assume it's not your's. Apologies in advance if it is. One thing- think you could downsize it a bit? It's monopolizes the ever-shrinking real estate in the forum.

posted by  Patrick

Patrick, i wear shoes and i have a full set of teeth. Perhaps im the exception?

posted by  importluva

Yeah, That isn't my car but i wish that it was :laughing:
I just got my sig and i didnt know how to downsize it by A Moderator did it for me :thumbs:

posted by  Eclipse_2004

i had to drive the family minivan :banghead: what a drag......

posted by  240sx

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