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Today, i went down to the national vette museum in bowling green, ky. I also got the opportunity to see the assembly plant where the new C6 and caddy XLR are being built. Got a few pics, ill post em later.

posted by  importluva

Pics as promised. These pics are fairly large in size, range: 1200x900 to 1600x1200. 56kers beware!

I am by no means a professional photogropher, but i do hope you like them.

posted by  importluva

Is no one on here a vette enthusiast? Perhaps i posted in the wrong forum :banghead:

posted by  importluva

LOL :laughing: not much of a fan myself ( I think there are better cars out there for the price) but nice pic's any how

posted by  Car Nirvana

Thats an interesting point that you bring up. I would like to know the names of these cars as i can think of only 1. The mustang cobra is the only car that can compete with the C6 for the price imo.

posted by  importluva

Sweet pics Importluva!! Makes me wish I had some serious money to throw away :hi:

posted by  vniles100

i'm not really a fan of the 'vette until now with the C6...thats truly a beauty.. :drool:

posted by  SuperJew


I like the C6 and the C5 Z06 myself.

posted by  importluva

But the yellow one is quit a looker..

posted by  Mustang90210

Okay i am super confused!!!

My Aol always says connected @ about 48,000kbpm. But i went through all of the pics in about 3 minutes and remember i was looking too. It only took like 4-5secs to load each one!! So what the hell is my crazy comp smoking?

edit: oh yeah i like the ass on that last pic :laughing:

posted by  VMJYogi

Hard to find similar cars within the Vette price! (front engine, RWD, fire)
In Germany it's the BMW M3 (no V8 yet), 350 Nissan (no V8), TVR Kit car, Maserati Ghibli, Alfa Romeo Brera (import 2005/6 in the US)

posted by  lutz

TVR's are no kit cars

Thats because you live in the US. Here in the UK there are quite a lot e.g TVR's, Noble's, Caterham's, Westfild's etc and thats just the cars which are made in the UK

posted by  Car Nirvana

TVR's no Kit cars? What car looks similar to a TVR and is a Kit car? There is someting, but I forgot the name. I though it was TVR. It's about 32.000 Euros sth... you know what it is?? :smoke:

Is it Panoz (USA)?

posted by  lutz

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