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Here is my supercharged integra and the list of mods...

-Nology Hot Wires with upgraded plugs
-Unorthadox racing pulleys
-Unorthadox cam gears
-AEM cold air
-HKS Hi-Power exhaust
-AFR fuel/air control
-LUK high Performance clutch
-Skunk 2 Short shift
-Honda V-TEC SuperCharger

-Custom floor mats
-white face gauges w/carbon fiber bezel
-red/black shift boot
-weighted skunk 2 shift knob
-custom GS-R foot pedals
-Antenna cut off switch
-parco Seats

-ViS Extreme Front
-brand new HID retrofit headlight assemblies
-philips 6,000k HID kit(not the cheap shit)
-APC clear corners with amber bulbs(I think the amber contrasts with the HID bulbs better than clear)
-Pirelli P400 touring tires that are siped for added traction
-ViS Kombat Back
-Wings West side skirts
-Terminator 2 Wing

-JVC Chameleon headunit
-6.5 Infinity reference w/tweeters on doors in GS-R position
-6.5 3-way Sonys in back
-Two 12in. Sony Xplode
-Sony Xplode Amp

posted by  RSX_TYPE-S

and heres a wallpaper i made for my computer....
its of Ducati's Anthony Gobert

posted by  RSX_TYPE-S

Pretty slick ride ya got... Nice to see you didn't make it look TOO flashy. Not a huge fan of foreign cars, but it looks good.

posted by  Viper86

sound like a winner, got any pics?

posted by  revtek

damn! any pix? 89/fc31a91d.jpg.thumb.jpg[/list]

posted by  giggles82

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