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If they are so worried about people not wearing there seatbelts they should just show this on TV.

Redneck drives without a seatbelt ( addetails&lid=4&ttitle=NoSeatbelt)

So anymore video's or pictures?

PS: if your post contains gross material then please say so, we don't want to traumatize people :-) The above video is not gross, only funny :-)

posted by  Robbert

Why did this guy just happen to have a camera in his dash while involved in a crash not wearing a seat belt :screwy:

Or did he just volunteer to do this :laughing:

posted by  Eclipse_2004

yea i dunno how they got that footage but they showed us that video in drivers ed.

posted by  240sx

How do we know he wasnt hurt. I mean the last part seen is where his head is through the rear right window... Sure coulda broke sumthin. But yeah he is kinda a dumbass.

posted by  VMJYogi

This is a 1992 Daihatsu Applause Zi (1,6 4x4) my friend had. His brother was driving when a woman didn't see him and drove right infront of him. She was driving this 1990 Mitshubishi Lancer:

No injuries.

Then a 2000 Volkswagen Golf crashed into my friends brother (same guy) while he was driving his dads 1998 Toyota Avensis 2,0: pg
No serious injuries.

Another friend of mine had bought this very nice Honda CRX stock and made it look cooler than stock:
Not a week after he sold it, the new ownar had done this to it:
No injuries.

And another guy in Iceland I don't know who is was testing his friends car. Didn't have a license and the ride ended like that: pg pg pg

This is a 1988 Toyota Corolla AE92. 3 persons in the car and only the driver got injured. Only says that he got a BIG scratch on the head.

And the newes crash I know of was when a friend of mine was racing and rolled his car. No fatal inuuries.....

posted by  DanniR

The red corolla looks almost seperated, but the passengers are o.k.
Huge Luck they had!

BTW, Iceland isn't planning to open autobahns, right? :laughing:

posted by  lutz

posted by  mazda6man

Well. There have been sevaral talks about one road, where the max speed is 90 km/h. It is the first highway here that has 4 lanes (2 in each direction) and 90 km/h max speed. There are NO gardrails at all. Well yes there are, on the 2 bridges. But there are no other guardrails. Liggt poles are there, but nothing to prevent one car to accitendtly slide on one of them (That's probalby why over 50% of fatal accidents happen on this road). Closest to an Autobahn we have :D

But there's gonna come a race track soon, for testing tires or something. The quarter mile track is not enaugh for us.

The car culture of Iceland SUCKS! I mean, I get some attention for making some tiny changes to my 1992 MITSUBISHI COLT 1,3!! how low

posted by  DanniR

Bad Collisions (

That Cadillac Deville..doesent ever look like a car anymore!

posted by  Eclipse_2004

What word could summarize the feeling of being in one of these cars crashes??? Oh yeah... OWWWWWW!!!!!

posted by  VMJYogi

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