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I need help, basically your feed back. We have to develop a product for our class. We decided to do a automatic closer for drop top cars. The way it works is that when it rains, the top goes up on a car when it is unattended. What are some things, that you the customer may want, some concerns, anything.

posted by  casperd82

One post is need to flood all the forums with the same question!

posted by  BavarianWheels

-how sensitive is it.
-how much battery does it drain, since it will be always "on"
-will it close while I'm driving (since most drop tops can't close while at high speeds)
-does it work while the car is on (it shouldn't, you should assume that the driver is in the car while the car is running, and if the driver wants the top down, the driver is there to do it)
-Can you deactivate it (I might want my interior ruined)
-how much weight does it add
-will it impede on luggage/interior space
-how expensive is it
-noise it makes
-will it over-ride me? (just in case I try to open it while it's sprinkling

posted by  What

This would be an easy thing to implement. Rain sensors already exist for automatic wipers, so it would make sense to use these (if you're fitting the sensor, it may as well do the wipers as well as the hood).

There would be no weight penalty, as it would all work from the car's software. If the car already has an electric hood, then it would be quite a simple job to set it up to close it when the ignition is off, and the car is stationary. An override switch might be useful, but I doubt it. Battery drain isn't a huge consideration: modern cars guzzle power anyway when they're switched off. I can't imagine it using any more power than, say, an ultrasonic alarm system.

posted by  heebee

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