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-Panama City, FLORIDA
On Friday, April 4th, 2003, a 91 Crown Victoria LX - a luxury fleet sedan commonly used by police officers - entered a race between a local Mustang racer. Much to Donald Wilcox's surprise, the Crown Victoria won the race that brought Lee Jones of Southport, Florida nearly ten thousand dollars. By factory specifications, the Crown Victoria's of that year were equipped with the base 5.0-Liter engine but the Mustang GT/LX were equipped with 5.0-Liter HO [high output] engines. "I didn't really expect to win against a Mustang, but I guess strange things really do happen," Jones said has he spoke with a local news reporter. "Sometimes when you think the impossible won't happen, it does." Donald Wilcox's 93 Mustang GT topped out at 148 with Jones's Crown Vic topping out at 153.5. "Lee has a very fine car, and he really shouldn't be racing against a Mustang anyway. I mean, yeah, I'm glad he won and I'm really impressed, but it's a very good way to stop that car for good. He should practice racing dumptrucks instead. That way, he won't be really pushing his car to the limits it was never meant to reach," Wilcox told Samantha Violette, a local news reporter for WKSD. After the race finished, Jones walked away ten thousand richer, and a fancy hood cowl to make his car look supercharged. The two will race once more for state finals in July at the Talledaga Speedway in Alabama."

Dude, I didn't think I could actually do it! Yahoooooooo!

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