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i have actually been noticing something lately.... isnt it kind of odd how first we had a season where every question was regarding Accords, then Civics for a short while, and now 240sx's?

yes i am a bit bored. im actually in a pretty good mood today cuz i finally got to talk to the cute girl i have noticed in the building while i work on the car in the parking lot. i still managed to fail to prove my best 2 ex-gfs wrong on the whole being able to go on without hitting on a girl for more than 2 weeks, but hey, atleast i gained something.

anyhow, its just kinda funny how we get subjects like these..... its as if its 240sx season now ΒΆ:P

posted by  Inygknok

i guess people just realized that 240's will smoke civics/accords..... just my :2cents:

posted by  240sx

I'm sure there are no Civics or Accords out there that can come close... :banghead: :screwy:

Come in from recess!

posted by  BavarianWheels

Not all true really!

But i agree with inygknok :thumbs: there have been a lotta questions about the 240Sx latetly... seasonal next month will be ...... month :ohcrap:

but a lot of the member here seem to drive civics, 240sx and accords it seems as well.... :ohcrap: im one of them i have a civic, which means i should probably apologise for making some of you bored :wink2:

posted by  Lukaz

:joking:by the way i was just f*ckin around when i said that 240's smoke ALL civics and accords becuz i know some people that have them and there pretty damn fast so excuse me for that idiotic comment :banghead: just tryin to stur up some argument......

posted by  240sx

i know of a Honda Civic - 476hp and 324 lb-ft max torque! with race fuel its giving out 23 psi of boost. the car was highly 'over'tuned and was brought down to close 350hp which still spins the wheels all the way into 1st shift!

i agree that most people with Civic's dont tune them up as good as they can be done but that is probably due to the matter of fact they dont have the cash or they just dont want to because they either seem no point in doing so or they scared of blowing their horns off.

Some Civic's when done properly with decent mods and work done behind it are a pleasure to drive/see in action, as with any car.

knowledge of what your car has, needs and can have is essential first, then go ahead with mods if you've got quite a few stacks to blow to dust and believe you-me, you will have a nice car then!

(btw, any one seen the new look photobucket has got? looks fab!!. some one tell me what IMO is short for please?)

posted by  WeaponR

IMO = in my opinion
IMHO = in my humble opinion

anyhow, yea, typical FF cars spinning their tires. some can even spin all the way to 4th gear. many professionals, and people with money :cussing:, usually use wheelie bars to push the car to the front.

in fact, Chris Rado has a hydraulic wheelie bar in one of his cars that is first elevated. then he presses a switch and it pummels down to the ground and keeps causing force down to the ground to keep the weight in the front tires as much as possible. then he can lift it up or decrease the force with more switches. pretty neat invention. im sure others have adopted this thing in their cars by now.

posted by  Inygknok

there has been alllllot of 240sx threads lately, not to mention a whole bunch about ford escort problems...

posted by  Ki2AY

Yeah...hmm> There is a new guy dedicated to his 240sx. By the way do people still complain about me?

posted by  VMJYogi

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