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Alright so I signed up for this http://www.freeiPods.com/default.aspx?referer=7052120 that gets you a free iPod, and yes, I'm spamming it here.

It's simple as can be, and it wont cost you a cent... you just have to get some of your friends to do it as well.

Here's what you do... go to: http://www.freeiPods.com/default.aspx?referer=7052120

and sign up, yes, that's my referral code.. I want my free iPod damnit.

After you've signed up, they'll give you like 10 different offers that you have to pick from, and complete just one of them.

Here's where the catch comes in, SOME of the offers DO cost money... but a few of them dont. I found out that the one that works best is eBay.... who doesn't like eBay anyway? So what you do, is choose the eBay offer, sign up there and bid one ONE item, that has like 5+ days left.. and bid on something that you KNOW YOU WILL GET OUTBID ON... and that's it. You basically lose the auction on purpose, but you've completed the reqirements for the offer.

After that, you get 5 of your friends/family to do the same thing (exluding people in your household) and you get your free iPod... simple as that.

I ended up doing the Ancestry.com deal because it was a FREE 2 WEEK TRIAL and I cancelled right away. They can't charge you a thing for trials unless you don't cancel before the time limit alotted.

So yeah, everyone go sign up, so I can get my iPod, and then get your friends to do it too, so they can get their iPod. :thumbs:


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