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the reason i gave this thread the name that it has is because i am addicted to racing vids and video games and racing movies and i cant even drive yet. i know everything (almost) about cars, my book shelves are congested with books about cars and racing, and yet i cant even drive them. the reason why, because i am 14 and a half and i am way to impatient about it i need to drive, i want to go drifting, i want to go drag racing. one of my brothers friends is a drag racer and drives a 2001 honda accord that has been almost undefeated on the strip. he also drifts on all the chances he gets at a drift track in new jersey. this is why my life sucks. my dad used to be a drag racer but now he doesnt even like cars that much anymore,which means now nobody in my family likes cars, in fact they hate them, they dont even like me talking about them. i am just counting the seconds untill i either get my permit or go berserk and have a nervous breakdown :cussing: :banghead:
although i do have a little good news; i made a deal with my dad that if i get an 80 or above on every single test from now untill the middle of junior year he will get me any car i request that is $16,000 or less. he said in addition to that he will give me his 1999 pontiac Grand Am SE sedan and he will give me like 4000 to get some mods for it to turn it into a party machine. i cant wait untill i can pull up to my school in my camaro (or whatever i choose to get with the 16,000)

posted by  High Octane

1. Stop playing video games and learn for the tests..
2. Do it Instant!!
3. Offer your dad 100 points for each single test instead weak 80 points.
4. Ask for 19.990 bucks.
5. Be the king on the road in 18 months! :smoke:

posted by  lutz

there is no way any human could know everything there is about cars. some things u just cant read them on a book or learn them from a video game. u can read how to tune 100 different cars from magazines, but that doesnt mean u can tune every single car in the world, cuz they are all different. sure, the modifications are all pretty much the same in every single car, but the tuning is completely different. even my own car, the one in my sig, has differences between its 7-8 years of production, and those differences need to be addressed independently.

i have spent alot of time reading and studying myself too, but i know there is still a very long path for me to learn things. even some of the older members know there are things they dont know themselves, else, they would even know the costs of every single part and the serial number code of every single replacement part of every car ever made in production.

posted by  Inygknok

Driving is boring and abnoxious.

Cruising is what it's all about. Out on the open road, middle of NOWHERE, where the roads are straight for miles. Doing about 180, yes. That's what it is about.

posted by  DodgeRida67

do you actually have straight roads like that? cuz i cant really find any in New York that arent covered with damn cops. :cussing:

posted by  SuperJew

Not really. There is this one place like that, but it has a lot of traffic. Navada is what I was thinking of...

posted by  DodgeRida67

If your so anxious to go drag racing and drifting ur gonna skip the entire laerning part and you'll end up a statistic. Take it slow, there is a reason why people your age cant drive yet. You may not understand this reason but one day when your older and have children as impatient as you are now you'll thank god everyday for that law. Im 17 and i learned that life isnt all about racing, there is the driving to the store for your lazy sister part, the stop at Walgreens on your way home from work part, the changing your fuel filter and get pressurized gas in your left ear which stings for about 45 minutes part, and others i cant mention. Everyone in this forum has waited or has to wait just like you so just work on fabricating a go-cart to take up these years.

posted by  VMJYogi

aaah i see...

and just being anal its spelled "Nevada"

posted by  SuperJew

Yeah, you said it DodgeRida. Driving is so overrated; the real treat is taking long trips with open road where you can test the limits of your car or drivng up and down windy mountain roads in a nice VW, Audi, or BMW...

posted by  DSMer

:laughing: :smoke:

I agree

posted by  Satty101

Honestly I can think of nothing more boring than cruising along a dead stright road. Even at 180mph, would soon become tiring.

Give me the tight corners and blind apexes of rural country roads in suffolk. Give me the crazy jumps and phyco gravel bends of Themes New zealand!

just in my own opinion that is.
I'm a suicidal deep sea diver, I need the bends!

posted by  Unlicensed

try not comparing yourself with others... look at what you do have going good for yourself... and dont say that theres nothing. cuz im sure there is

posted by  mazda6man

everyone that read my original post for this thread, i sincerly apoligize for my the way that i foolishly used the phrase "i know everything about cars". i think that is one of the stupidest things i ever said and i have no idea what i was smokin when i wrote something like that. i believe the reason i wrote something like that is because i learnt so much over the past year and i am one of the most knowledgeable people about cars that i know (and thats really not saying much at all, it's very sad). i was very arrogant. its no lie, i do read alot of books on cars and racing dynamics but how much knowledge can you get about cars without actually being allowed to get your hands dirty and getting to mess around with the actual engine components. i realize my mistake now. every thing else i said is the god given truth.

please dont think badly of me.

posted by  High Octane

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I don't care how many books and articles you've read. You don't know shit from paper dollars until you get your hands inside and get dirty. You can read about drag racing and coefficients all you'd like, but until you drop that clutch to those staging lights you don't know what the meaning of drag race is.

Personally I don't think you know much of anything, but thats just my opinion based only on the very ignorant and arrogant post you have made. Especially the one aimed at NASCAR drivers...

posted by  DSMer

i already said that my problem is that i cant get my hands on a car and mess around with it yet. i already retracted my comment on the nascar drivers. anyway i know every piece that it takes to build a car just not the putting together part but that wont be for long. (care to take me up on that challenge, i deffinatly know every single component that it takes to build a car, i made myself learn them by heart, i donate all the spare time that im not donating to school on learning about cars or earning money to get a car)

posted by  High Octane

"A slip of the leg and fall can be recovered, but a slip of the tounge may never heal" Thats all I have to say for your "statement" about the NASCAR...

posted by  DSMer

read my previous post

posted by  High Octane

You want to start driving? Get into karts.

Oh, and as "fun" as drifiting looks, it's not something you want to get into on the street.

Trust me, at your age I thought I knew a lot about cars, and I had helped my dad rebuild a few. At 14 I started apprenticing at a vintage car restoration shop, and found that I had only scraped the tip of the iceberg when it came to knowing about cars (and I had been reading about them and building models of them and watching the races since I was 5 yers old.. my dad had a collection of car magazines of various titles that stretched back into the late 1950s...). You may have read a lot, but if you're excited about drifting and you think an Accord is a great drag car, you have been very limited in your reading, as you're not very well rounded.

At this point, I've been playing with cars for over 25 years, owned over a hundred cars (including cars and trucks from most major manufacturers, both stock and modded). I've built hundreds of customer cars, and driven many of my cars on the track, and driven hundreds of other cars on the track over the years, and I'm still learning new things. There isn't a make of car I don't like, and there are few facets of this hobby that I don't like. That's the goal: understanding and finding fun in every area of the automotive world.

You have a lot to look forward to, and all teh time in the world. Soak it all in, and use this time to branch out into other areas of the hobby. Don't just focus on drifting or import drags. Check out the street rodding world. Check out the vintage sports car world. Find a local low dollar circle track racer or road racer and crew for them instead of a drag racer. head over to grassroots Motorsports and check out what people are building for very little money (try a 10 second drag nova for under 2 grand, or an 11 second V8 280 ZX that also autocrosses for a similar figure...) Expand your automotive knowledge and get some actual experience under your belt, even before you get your license...

posted by  ChrisV

Any more information about 10 second novas? :D

I saw a 10 second nova in an old (1998 or 99) summit catelog (sp) and fell in love with it. If I knew I could make (My mechanical skills suck, but my dads dont :D) for under 2 grand, I'd do it in a HEART BEAT. Hell, even a 13 second car would be straight with me.

posted by  CoRPS

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