Free 20GB iPod (easy and it WORKS)

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First, the link:

I'd really appreciate it if you used that link to set up your account =) You need to refer only FIVE people, and each one needs to participate in one "offer".

One of the offers is to create a free AOL account. It requires CC info but it can be cancelled anytime within 45 days of creation with no charge.

Up until a couple of days ago, one of the offers was this: Create an ebay account and bid on an item.

It took two seconds to create an ebay account and required no credit card, and you could bid $0.01 on any item (I bid $0.01 on an item which eventually went for hundreds of dollars). You needed to be the HIGHEST BIDDER on the item, at some point, so you had to make sure you didn't get automatically outbid by proxy (plenty of $0.01 items with no bidders on them.)

This offer may come back, so keep your eyes open for it.

Five referals, each person one offer.... and you get a 20GB ipod (or various ipod minis) for free.

I've never participated in these little pyramid schemes before, but I have multiple friends who've gotten their ipods so this thing's for real =)

posted by  downinit

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