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Believe it or not, summer is over and it's time for school (high school middle school, whatever the case may be). In my case, its time for college! I went to orientation, loved it, met many people, all im waiting for is to physically be there again.

Im heading to Atlanta on Aug 13, its a 7.5hr drive, and with all the stuff im taking to my dorm, it'll be hell but well worth it.

Any advice/tips/comments/suggestions/jokes/well-wishing are welcome!

And for the record, i joined a few car groups, we'll be building an f1 car, rally car/dirt cruiser, and we'll be working on a bmw (dunno the model name or anything but it looks very similar to one in Bav's former sig) that was bought for $900. We will race it at drag events throughout the country. No wonder im so excited! :thumbs:

posted by  importluva

Pimp. Have fun there man. Enjoy it. I don't start school till Sept. 1st. I'll be in 11th grade. and with a new Quad...I think. :ohcrap:

Anyways, post up some pics of the cars in your crew (aka, club). :thumbs:

posted by  Satty101

whoa, your only in the 11th grade satty?

Crazy, it feels wierd that your a Moderator and im older than you.
Im a senior in high school this year. Your a junior.

I don't know, im sorry, im just easily amused.

posted by  Zalight

In case i missed it in your INTRO or something, where are you going to school? I'm starting in Chico, California, in 1 week. I want to get involved in such clubs as well. There's a super-mileage club I am aware of where vehicles are built that go 900mpg (motorcycle engines heavily modified). I'll look more into it. Keep us updated.

posted by  mischa

Im going to Georgia Tech in Atlanta. Which university will you be attending mischa?

For pics, visit

Apparently the BMW is a 1984 325e, and with hardly a budget, it'll be a lot of work.

posted by  importluva

Eh, that's nothing. This other board I frequent was made by a 14 year old :ohcrap:

But hey,m I may only be a junior, but I had a car club since I was a Freshman. :screwy:

posted by  Satty101

CONGRATZ IMPORT… I guess u will be leaving again?

Satty I could have sworn u look like ur around ur mid 20's.. Did u post a picture in the thread dodge started?

posted by  Ki2AY

make that two mods who are a year younger than you...i start my Junior year on Sept. 8

posted by  SuperJew

California State University in Chico.

That looks like a good fun project. good car too. It already came with some good stuff for 500 dollars.
is 2005 the amount of dollars you get to spend on it?

posted by  mischa

Wow...yeah I did. I was like, the first one to reply to it. But I started the first one, ya.

posted by  Satty101

That's great to know! I'm heading off to college too so I know the kinds of pressure you have to endure. I wish you luck and don't overdo anything...haha.

posted by  MaChao

sounds like a lotta fun! :thumbs: have fun matey and you dont need me to say that ... :mrgreen: well done

posted by  Lukaz

I only heard good things about Atlanta. Enjoy it, live it, tune it! One of the most exciting parts of your life are beginning right now.

Lets go to the South. :smoke:

posted by  lutz

yup, not much, but it'll have to do

posted by  importluva

Yea, this place is pure pimp. Im right in the center of atlanta, all the attractions are nearby. Life is good.

posted by  importluva

Atlanta is great you'll have fun here, there is lots of things for college students to do! All the different clubs, hang outs, malls, movie theaters... not to mention just Downtown Atlanta itself..... all I got to say is Atlanta is the heart of the Durty South!! Anywayz hope you have a great time here, I might see!!

Oh and you must be super smart to get into Tech... the students there all have very high GPAs... congrats on going there and good luck!! :wink2:

posted by  TigerLeigh

You like this place? How could you like it here? Yeah, it does have all the attractions, but driving to them is another story! I see atleast one wreck happen, happened, or also happen everytime I'm around. What are you going to be studying? How long you going to be in there?

posted by  DodgeRida67

Haha, well, i don't have to worry about driving...yet. Ill stick with good ol legs, buses and the subway. Atlanta is a huge city (it's been a while since i moved out of San Francisco) and with all the facilities i have on campus, i suppose im in a different world than you. Ill be studying Electrical Engineering and i just started as a freshman so ill be here for a while.

posted by  importluva

Yea, i know what you mean. I just visited Lenox the other day,saw the Coke place and the Underground. We actually have most of those facilities on campus, its just...insane.

Yea, there are some really smart kids here, but being smart comes with a price. They make us work like dogs, and ive had to work on weekends too! :fu:

posted by  importluva

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