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I truly think that The Cure is one of the greatest bands ever, and their newest CD totally supports that statement. I mean "Lullaby" and "Anniversary" are kickin songs. If you haven';t listened to it yet then you are realyl missing out. :thumbs: So do as I say and join the rest of my UMVD friends and listen. Sorry Im so pushy but if i am passionate about something i tend to go overboard so Im just warning you

posted by  curepery

I thought the singer died several years ago

posted by  mischa

Robert Smith is still alive and in good shape, I saw him on German TV two weeks ago, it was live. :smoke:

posted by  lutz

That's too f*cking funny. Maybe you're just confused because he sorta looks dead. Make clicky below.

posted by  vwhobo

Yes I see where the confusion might take place. The guy kinda looks like Edward Scissorhands....without the scissors of course. None the less, he looks pretty pale and dead to me.

posted by  DSMer

Well he better not be dead because Im seeing him tomorrow at Curiosa, and besides, Edward Scissor Hands was awesome and so is Robert Smith. The likeness is really funny though.

posted by  curepery

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