Australian 200sx 2ltr turbo. Jap Silvia

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Number Plates 57OCK. Suppost to mean the car is stock. No modifications.
Thats my new turbo I just put on. Its a Modified GT3540.

Best dyno result was 228kws or around 300hp at wheels. Thats before I put the new turbo on.

posted by  57ock

Lookin awesome bro!
Congrats. :thumbs:

posted by  Unfedfat

god i love silvias

posted by  mazda6man

you should get next to it and smile with a big thumbs up LOL

posted by  Arthur

Just about to setup dual fuel rails and install a new intake manifold.
See what the kWs is like after those installs.

Not expecting any better as I need the internals done.

posted by  57ock

Had my first road trip with new turbo last weekend. Was pretty cool. Turbo kicks in at 4,500rpm.

230rwkWs (bit over 300hp) @ 12 to 13 psi. Old GT2540 turbo had 228rwkws @ 17 to 18 psi.

270+rwkWs @ 17psi.

Need bigger tyres

posted by  57ock

Just installed a new throttle body. Gave me a extra 11kws @ same boost levels. Waiting on a few rod bolts etc. After that I'll build the motor. Hoping for 400kws@ wheels

posted by  57ock

woo, sweet, 400 is definatly a nice amount

posted by  mazda6man

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