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What's up, ma bizzles? I just wanted to let everyone know that now that school is back in session (and has been since August 11th :( ), I will unable to post as much as I did before, not to say that was very much. With all the things going on for my junior year, unfortunately, my time devoted to the forum is a lesser priority to having 2 A.P. classes (A.P.= Advanced Placement; take the class all year, and then take a college board exam. If you pass with a 3-5, you can get college credit at most colleges. For anyone who is unfamiliar with this program), being AP Spanish, and AP American History, Editor-in-chief of the Yearbook, Show Choir (and our show choir is definitely different- anyone in the north, like Ohio, would understand. We don't just stand and sing. There is a LOT of extensive dance and choreography involved, and it kicks all our asses), dance class twice a week, Student Government, Young Politician's Club, Freshman Mentoring Program, Literary Club (Maybe- haven't decided whether to get involved in this yet or not.), and not to mention my job (and of course spending time with the girlfriend). All in all, I basically have NO time for anything period, let alone enough time to sit on the internet for hours on end every day and post. Not to say that I wouldn't mind having hours on end to sit on the internet and post every day, but it's just not realistic for me at this point. I'll do my level best to interject whatever I can whenever I have time. Most likely, no one is going to notice that I haven't been/ won't be posting near as much, but I figured I'd let everyone know. Wish me luck- this year is going to be hell.

posted by  Patrick

I'll notice th... ...:sleep:

Joking apart.

Good to hear that's going forward, that not means necissarily(spell.) on the Highway To Hell. :wink2: That's interesting. It will going better at college than you think. Trust me :wink2:

I wishing you fun, luck, happiness and success Patrick!! :smoke:

So, Lets Dance! :banana:___________ :banana:

posted by  lutz

Yeah good luck at school :thumbs: and eh, try to have fun :laughing:

posted by  Eclipse_2004

hey - im in the same boat as you. to a certain degree - i'm only taking one AP class. AP US History, just like you. but im also accelerated in science and math.

but im not involved in that many clubs...

good luck! :thumbs:

posted by  SuperJew

Good to see. Why not get involved in beta club and/or nhs, they hold quite high value when colleges look at your application.

Good luck, and try not to slack too much. Any of you all take SAT/ACTs yet?

posted by  importluva

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