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Our research team invented a system and tested it successfully which is predicting the instant forex moves in 4 currency pair which is GBP/USD USD/CAD USD/CHF & EUR/JPY by using chaos theory with a different approach.
Time intervals and signals : 8:00 GMT - 11:00 GMT (at least 21 signal) 12:00 GMT-17:00 GMT (at least 52 signal). After the signal, currency pairs always make 6-30 pips in 3-90 mins (%93.03 success ratio past 5 weeks). Other times (17:00 GMT - 8:00GMT and 11:00 GMT-12:00 GMT) it is not working. We dont need anything about yourself to try our invention. We dont need your credit cards or anything about yourself even your name is not important for us. There is no tricks, just we need your opinion after your usage and how it is profitable for you and if our success ratio is not equal to %93.03 we need to know. Are you serious about trying our signals, contact us at and then you will get your password on private chat rooms or netmeeting to follow signals on the mentioned time intervals.

Andrey Saigin,

posted by  nonlinear4x

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